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76 Iridium Fluoride Marijuana and Pelosi’s Puppies (2009-03-01)

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0:00:00(Mostly) Modern Opening Music Sequence
0:00:33ACC wishing for focus following mouse on Mac; ACC & Patricia at Jersey Boys in London
0:06:45Leaked Oscars list probably fake, JCD Penn/Rourke switcheroo theory; ACC: Slumdog Millionaire win “horseshit”, money coming in from India; ACC’s new Samsung LCD TV, American Gangster Vietnam-era drug smuggling on military transport planes
0:14:40Obama at Base Camp Lejeune, 18 more months in Iraq leaving 35-50k through 2011, “there are some Americans who want to stay in Iraq longer”, “I want to be very clear” tell, “we sent our troops to Iraq to do away with Saddam Hussein’s regime” lie, “establish a sovereign government”, “you got the job done” litany, JCD on Democrat war party, Vietnam face-saving
0:22:16Denzel Washington’s character on putting everyone’s kids through college on drug money
0:23:05C-SPAN CPAC event, dreadful speaker Maureen Dowd vs Rush Limbaugh two-hour ad-lib; hypocritical Republican hysteria over California push for marijuana decriminalization, “Rush Limbo”; “medical marijuana reality check”; Limbaugh “State of the Union” flub, lunch with Bush, mindless defense of Bobby Jindal, JCD on Republican party’s proposed cross-eyed Gray Davis replacement
0:35:39Financial crisis summit in Brussels, East-West divide, Lisbon treaty presidential crisis; upcoming Gordon Brown meeting with Obama, ACC on new carbon & debt financial system
0:41:46Iridium Communications network for commercial shipping and aviation, ACC navigation system war, four Boeing engineers on Turkish Airlines 1591 involved with Turkish early warning system, JCD: “I guess this kind of changes the subject from legalizing marijuana”, Iridium earnings down 83% vs press release
0:49:31Patricia’s solution to flatulence greenhouse gas issue: “why don’t we just get rid of all the men?”, JCD’s “vaygan” pronunciation
0:51:15JCD: “who is Taylor Swift?”, ACC on Lady Gaga “utter crap”, American Idol “package artist”
0:54:56Southampton to start water fluoridation against wishes of 78% of residents, Legacy of Ashes drug-running overfluoridation story; Jeff Jarvis What Would Google Do; out-of-business book supplier warehouse open to public; Rocky Mountain News folds just shy of 150-year anniversary
0:59:04Hillary Clinton eminent domain for China rumors, “expanded eminent domain authorities” for renewable power grid; BBC reporter Robert Peston scapegoated over Northern Rock reporting
1:04:34Janet Napolitano pushing DHS Real ID “enhanced drivers license”, “mark of the beast” reactions; Pelosi’s Photoshopped “puppies”; Dutch political fight over Safety Board’s Peter van Vollenhoeven refusal to give Turkish Airlines 1591 data recorder to Justice Department, Turkey Joris Demmink blackmail, Vollenhoeven the “masher”
1:10:00Big Brother Jade Goody dying of cervical cancer; donation solicitation, JCD on evergreen material; Ryanair placard, F-18 “send them up, I’ll wait” Iranian Air Defense urban legend
1:19:58Southern California’s dire water situation, JCD laments Hetch Hetchy Reservoir diversion, Bermuda’s lime roofing material collecting rainwater into cisterns; head of Turkish National Police Department Special Operations Unit commits suicide on day of Schiphol crash; “dangerously radioactive teacher” pedophile suspect Thomas Leopold being sought by UK police
1:27:56ACC all-in on climate change, “the political climate, the financial climate, the economic climate”, “this is now just a code word”; Coast to Coast AM; Maine topless coffee shop
1:31:41Outro: ACC headed to France for Final Cut Pro class