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769 Electile Dysfunction (2015-10-29)

Show 769 album art
0:00:00ACC: “A lid. A lid.” JCD: “A lid.” (0:43:23)
0:00:32No Agenda eighth anniversary; ACC to flee mold next year, “I should get just scuba gear”
0:03:52John “douchebag” Harwood: “for the record, the debate was always gonna be two hours”; Cruz: questions “illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media”, Becky Quick’s “moderator’s discretion”; Trump on Kasich’s Lehman Brothers role; Lindsey Graham’s “clenched fist or open hand” for China; Kasich on deporting “ten or eleven people”; Carson’s “quiet coup” in polls; Hillary ads, Huckabee on fighting Clinton machine: “I lived to tell about it”, National Enquirer on Vince Foster murder, Hillary on House of Cards: “another murder, I mean really”
0:29:23Mika Brzezinski calls out Hillary for playing sexism card: “I’m gonna get killed”; “we know she’s going to win” meme; Sanders’ wife: “Christmas party, or holiday party”; Rand Paul on democratic socialism: “if you will not listen ultimately … they exterminate you”; ABC mocks Trump’s “Iowa electile dysfunction”; Ben Carson on throwing rocks at cars
0:40:16South Carolina kid on first date killed by police over a “lid” of pot, younger cops making it hard for the older ones, Ray Kelly on the “James Cobey” “Ferguson effect”, Obama at police conference: “we’re not just sending you out there to do dirty work and then hang you up to dry if it doesn’t work out well”, JCD on Baltimore PD rebellion
0:49:55Producer Segment: history of Kingsford charcoal
1:01:14CISA sweeping “cyber threat indicator” definition; Ifill distorts nature of Brennan’s hacked email; Ted Koppel to NewsHour on electrical grid vulnerability, Panetta “cyber Pearl Harbor”, Napolitano 80-90%, J’Johnson “radio with extra batteries”, ACC: “I’m gonna give them a signal report, you’re five by nine here”, Koppel: “three to six month supply of food and water”, internet “weapon of mass destruction”; Club of Rome’s climate change focus (JCDPPotD)
1:22:49Processed meat cancer hysteria, “cigarettes and asbestos”, CBS pushback for advertisers; WHO panelist Mariana Stern’s vegan climate change agenda; identical article on bogus websites; note from professor on “fundamentally flawed” epidemiology; Gina McCarthy: “we’re already feeling the impacts … now”; NOAA denies Lamar Smith subpoenaed report data
1:40:52Harry Reid on “LBJ” progress; D.C. high heel drag queen race; Germaine Greer: Jenner not a woman, “I’m not about to walk on eggshells”; SxSW sexual harassment panels canceled
1:50:18Serbian Premier: refugee crisis may mean “beginning of the end of the EU”; Germans turning on Merkel; Nigel Farage: EU’s “modern-day implementation of the Brezhnev Doctrine”
2:03:36The View outraged by virgins in their 30’s and 40’s
2:05:58Donation Segment
2:17:18Ash Carter on “advise and assist” mission, “this is combat, things are complicated”; NDAA and Social Security; Carter to Tim Kaine: ISIL “uses the webbuh”, Kaine on outdated AUMF
2:26:54Ask Adam: two NCIS blunders; ACC calls JCD for No Agenda chicken recipe
2:32:13North Korean NGO spying for Pentagon; Danish medical researcher on big pharma mafia
2:37:07NBC on Hurricane Patricia “one-two punch”
2:39:21China’s response to US destroyer near air base, Show 723 “this is Chinese Navy” clip
2:43:04ACC running out of drive space on production machine; Steve Jobs movie a flop
2:46:36Another MSF hospital bombed, White House at odds with organization
2:48:49World Series “glitch”, Google apology; IBM Weather Company buy; escaped JLENS aerostat
2:55:54Google Play terms of service; Russia lurking around data cables, Putin blamed for refugees
3:06:09Gülen school stats correction; cryotherapy manager found dead; Republicans hate government