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767 Frontier Science (2015-10-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “You’re a boasting … you’re a boasting A-hole.” (2:01:28)
0:00:35Rainstick-induced rain in Austin, ACC still sick, JCD: “mold honey”
0:03:19Benghazi hearing, “what difference” recap, witnesses disappeared to Germany, Pickering: security requests “not responded to … positively”, ACC: “a shit show for six hours watching nothing but lies”, James Carville: Trey Gowdy “a creation of the Koch Brothers” rant
0:09:28Justin Trudeau election, Democracy Now on Harper’s sins, promise to leave US
anti-ISIS air campaign, NDP’s Tom Mulcair’s gay aura, Trudeau’s lisp; support for “Canada’s Patriot Act” C-51; Harper “epic enemy of First Nations”, Pierre Trudeau’s 1969 White Paper
0:29:39Home Office releases Counter-Extremism Strategy, extremism “vocal or active opposition to our fundamental values”, Theresa May on countering “messages of hatred”, promoting “mainstream voices”; UN Strong Cities Network, “online information hub”
0:38:46John Brennan & J’Johnson e-mail hack by stoned 15-year-old, dormant AOL account with draft security clearance form, Michael “dumbo” McCaul off script: “this is the breach at OPM, twenty million security clearances stolen by China”, Brolf steers him back into script, “a big data theft is not done for criminal purposes”, China blamed for power grid attacks; Raytheon cyber-hardening promo, JCD: “somebody should hack Raytheon”; Wikileaks e-mail release and CISA; JCD CloudFlare meeting, Turkish hooker DDoS attacks from Northern Iran
1:01:45Producer Segment: JCD on stealing your employer’s formulas; using credits on
1:15:45Netanyahu blames Muslim leader Husseini for Hitler’s final solution, “burn them
1:20:00Bogus expert Eliot Higgins tweets thanks for Google for Media funding; Corey Flintoff: “likely that the BUK was operated by a trained Russian crew”; Assad’s Moscow visit, Richard Engel: “Russia is milking the conflict for every drop of propaganda”; Victoria Nuland in Macedonia, Turkish Stream; Merkel on sharing “Turkey’s burden”, EU membership, €3bn for Turkey; Starbucks and Chrysler billed by EU for back taxes
1:43:16Producer note on VICE as advertising platform, Ad Age on Washington Post producing native ads in-house, JCD: “sponsored by the Global Warming Committee, here’s the weather”; Monday Night Football “coverage of tonight’s National Anthem is presented by USAA”, CBS “Eye on Money”: no retirement until 75, sponsored by Voya Financial
1:58:12Donation Segment: “We Told You So” jingles to remain retired; Killer Ed screening
2:12:48JCD: native advertising aimed at ad-immune millennials
2:14:53Election 2016 Clip Blitz: Jim Webb drops out, Democrat “hierarchy is not comfortable with many of the policies that I have laid forth”; Chertoff’s list of all the great things George W. did after 9/11, “we expanded our intelligence capability”; Morning Joe on Trump’s pre-9/11 bin Laden predictions, ABC giving up on Bush: Trump “top pick on strongest leader”, Joy Behar: “I’m starting to warm up to Trump a little bit now”, Trump “ground game”, “we’re all doin’ our paht”, ACC: “John, these are goombahs”, Trump’s mob connections; DNC approves BLM town hall; reporter Jacqueline Sutton found dead in Istanbul airport bathroom, Lord Ashcroft’s mysterious illness, Vatican denies Pope illness
2:39:41Ebola relapses “frontier science”, ACC: “you know I think? we should send more troops to Western Africa”
2:31:47London and City of London not the same thing, upcoming Xi Jinping state dinner, “internationalization of the Chinese currency”, JCD: “my analysis: something’s up
2:48:50Caitlyn Jenner: Glamour’s Woman Of The Year