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766 Cyber Soldiers (2015-10-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “I didn’t violate anything!” (2:32:13)
0:00:34ACC rainsticking to get rid of the Alternaria mold
0:06:082.4M Volkswagens to be recalled, potential cost €6.5bn+, police raids on Volkswagen and Lamborghini in Italy, JCD: “every time I see a Lamborghini I feel like I should T-bone it”
0:10:53John Kerry’s overmodulated Italian like a crazed ham, “shittalicious” pizza
0:14:38NBC on MSF hospital bombing: investigators destroying evidence with APC, gunship crew questioning order, possible war crime, MSF: “today we say enough”; Obama on Afghan “fighting season”, JCD: “I think there’s pre-season … and then the playoffs”, 9800 troops to be unchanged, 5500 troops for embassies, Ash Carter’s shit-eating grin, Comey and money laundering; OPM data breach spun into story of Kosovo “hacker” arrested in Malaysia, tear gas in Kosovo Parliament, ACC: “perhaps it’s time for some regime change”, Nuland in Kosovo
0:36:28Additions to Genie Energy Advisory Board one month before Golan Heights oil discovery
0:40:23Russian numbers stations back on the air, COLLAPSE callsign returns to SKYKING
0:42:30Producer Segment: secret Navy “basketball nukes”
0:55:05ACC: hints about Gary Anderson from crisis PR guy at party; Katy Turd on Trump’s $4.2M vs Hillary’s $25.8M spending, “self-funding”, Jeb’s “disappointing” $13M; Sanders’ union donations; Citizens United Republican benefit myth/strategy; Trump & Carson want shorter debate; Sanders’ role in VA scandal, Maher & Sanders on socialism: “un-demonize this word”
1:21:27Rand Paul’s 181% “burn rate”; Biden avoiding paying for Air Force Two; Jeb Bush dodges military industrial complex question with F-35, ACC: “it’s a turkey, Jeb!”; 71-minute militaristic F-35 ceremony; Hillary meets with BLM again, ACC predicts candidate endorsements; Hillary’s new cackle, pseudobulbar affect ad
1:40:04Producer note on cost of automotive recall due to wrong sun visor label: $5k per vehicle
1:41:54Department of Transportation drone registration proposal
1:44:33Gay Ambassador to Denmark Rufus Gifford, JCD: “who names their kid Rufus?”, raised $1bn for Obama 2012, “we get to have our fairy tale”, reality show Jeg er ambassadøren fra Amerika
1:53:11Twice-teased story about possible Dyson sphere 1500 light years away; JCD on mudflat tires
1:56:11Pro-refugee mayoral candidate stabbed in Cologne; Hungary-Croatia border closing; Calais camp “the jungle”; refugees as Erdoğan’s leverage over EU
2:05:06Climate study: too late for Miami and New Orleans, 4-6m rise by 2100, “Sacramento has until 2050”; Bill Nye: “deniers, quit denying and we can all get to work”
2:10:49NPR down 20% in under-55 listenership
2:12:40Donation Segment
2:18:38Kent State documentary: “shut up slave” moment; JCD on “Question Authority” stickers
2:24:50Ebola’s nine-month lifespan in semen story resurrected, troops in Cameroon
2:28:23Tech News: terror watch list “crash”, NSA advertising for “Cyber Soldiers”; Iranian missile test as violation of sanctions, JCD: “how are they violating the sanctions?”; 23andMe DNA subpoenas, Texas forensic lab DNA problems going back to 1999; $5.5bn China-Indonesia deal for Jakarta-Bandung railway, Burbank-San Jose project; Tesla autopilot software update, eventually “you could be asleep the whole time”, random Tesla reboots; Ted Kaczynski’s forthcoming Anti-Tech Revolution: Why and How
2:43:13JCD recommends Junípero Serra Wikipedia entry, decapitated Monterey statue, lupus cure
2:47:21Jihadi John forced Danish photographer to tango; producer: Turkey wants in on Schengen