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764 Can You See That Juice (2015-10-11)

Show 764 album art
0:00:00JCD: “And I was stunned by this!”
0:00:33ACC “glitch!” with truncated file, bathroom sink overflow; San Francisco 2.0 on Silicon Valley real estate; “oh my gosh, can you see that juice?”
0:12:00Turkish government blamed for Istanbul bombing; recorded false flag planning; Suleyman Shah’s tomb; Incirlik Air Base to expand 5k troops to 7500; Dutch protests over refugees; Comey and J’Johnson on “asylees” in US; Juncker’s “conscious uncoupling from Washington” on Russia sanctions, Biden “leadership” vs bullying; Sukhoi sanctions reversed for NASA
0:29:13Russian naval bombardment, Barbara Starr and Richard Engel on four new Kalibr cruise missiles in Iran, diverted US drones planes; Lavrov on Syrian illegitimacy now vs legitimacy on chemical weapons negotiations; US not sharing ISIL position information, Istanbul bombing and Article 5, Carter: “I wasn’t satisfied” with previous failed rebel training efforts; McCain: Russian targets “funded and trained by our CIA”, “this is an Orwellian experience”
0:47:07JCD 3x3 rehash failed $500M rebel training program from Show 761; Russian “record 67 sorties” propaganda, Sukhoi Su-30 promo; protests in Lebanon; David Kramer on News Hour: “there are bad decisions that have to be made here” on no-fly zone; no more beheading videos
1:01:47Oil deposits discovered in Golan Heights; Israel stabbings
1:04:24Producer Segment: green poop confirmed; Home Shopping Network “juice”, “yum” clips
1:14:24ACC on Houston Vape Summit IV: e-liquid “juice”, Tobacco Control Act and substantial equivalence; Dexter’s chemist friend’s certification business, alligator gar video; ACC’s new smart scooter with Chinglish manual: “please take care head safety to avoid bruising hair”
1:26:26Progress with Thom Hartmann on SSRIs and mass shootings, “we are the source of funding for the whole pharmaceutical industry”; University of Texas “cocks not Glocks” protest; Ben Carson “if the Jews had guns”, Anti-Defamation League: “historically inaccurate”, Brolf reformulates question for sound bite, “bunch of crap” on Stephanopoulos seizing on single detail; Murdoch “real black president” tweet, Rabbi Menachem Margolin: arm EU Jews
1:47:25People “At Home with the Trumps” with Photoshopped wart; immigrants a potential “Trojan horse”, Comey on narco-terrorists: “not just bad news, it’s awful”, “the center, ground zero for this plague, across the drugs, is Mexico”; cyber-attacks on Hillary’s e-mail server
1:59:58North Korea 50th anniversary, “very large numbers of tourists”, ACC: “I Rove Raundly”
2:07:03Donation Segment: ACC proposes Vegas Duke meetup
2:13:27New amateur satellite, Russian project to investigate Apollo landing sites with microsatellite; Airbus bunk bed patent: “no telling how they’re going to stack ‘em up in coach”
2:16:49New emissions cheaters, Volkswagen CEO: “this was a couple of software engineers who put this in for whatever reasons”, “I agree it’s very hard to believe”
2:20:40FAA late in releasing drone regulations, “a hundred a month” aircraft incidents
2:27:34Clock boy “world tour”, father’s second Facebook with 9/11 conspiracy videos; China-Thailand railway agreement; “Alexa: play the latest No Agenda episode”, promote the show in blog comments; stop sending VAWG notes; Megyn Kelly: Palin abandoned by feminists
2:38:11Gun owners at Roseberg protest, Obama: “we’re going to have to come together as a country to see how we can prevent these issues from taking place”; producer: Roseburg Beacon editor seen as a nut; ACC on Amendment as prohibition on government
2:43:557k refugees arriving in Lesvos per day; Eritrean refugees heading to Sweden
2:45:20“Moonbeam” Jerry signs renewable energy bill; California charging station rage