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763 Transjester (2015-10-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “And you get to wear a tux and you get to look like James Bond!” (0:04:25)
0:00:35Nasty note for JCD: prep more; ACC’s horrible allergies; picture of Snowden with Hayden
0:04:30War on Crazy: Hillary claims “comprehensive” gun control plan, “epidemic of gun violence”, “Charleston loophole”, ACC: “ve must make a list!”, “precious children” voice quaver, “take back the Second Amendment from these extremists!”; Roseburg Beacon publisher to Bill O’Reilly on Obama Roseberg visit, Westboro Baptist Church rumor, JCD: sign sales; “wisdom from Whoopi”: “this country” meme, idiot Joy Behar: “it’s easier to get a license to drive a car than to get a gun”, Whoopi: “I need to know the background of your family”
0:21:22Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore calls for SSRI mass shooting study; $600k settlement for Sarasota County principal “hypnosis victims”, Vyvanse “vance”, MDMA PTSD therapy, JCD: “my pop screen feels so good on my lips!”
0:27:48Burger King “green poop” burger; ABC McDonald’s native ads, manager kicks out news crew
0:36:07Ben Carson attacked for leaving “souvenirs” in patients; hatred for Fiorina from HP stint, high CIA clearance; Carson “rush the shooter” firestorm; McCain: President “vetoing a bill that authorizes the ability of Americans to fight this… to defend this nation”; Josh Earnest on MSF hospital bombing investigations, General Campbell: decision made in “US chain of command”, “in-depth training in order to review all of our operational authorities”, blame Talibam, McCain on plurality of “options” to discredit Obama, to CNN: Free Syrian Army “the CIA-run operation” and “the DoD-trained one”, “abdication of American leadership”
0:59:28Iraq wants to bring Russia in; Moldova crackdown on nuclear black market; Earnest resurrects chess-checkers meme; ABC: Toyota Hilux “truck of choice”, Treasury investigation
1:14:12Producer Segment: Brookline teacher fired for “bullshit”
1:29:052400 refugees for Dutch town of Oranje, population 130; run by Soros operation, “trade on chaos”; refugees 25% of Lebanon’s population; Nigel Farage: “pipsqueak” French, “totally German-dominated Europe”, “you said Europe isn’t working, so we must have more Europe!”; producer in Hamburg: dumpster-diving senior citizens; brand Germany in jeopardy; Android Auto data collection; producer note on DEF/AdBlue woes
1:51:58Brian the Gay Crusader on DHS raid, connections to Loretta Lynch and David Geithner, more FBI blackmail fodder; Facebook and AMOS-6 satellite, Google Fiber in Africa
2:01:0520-mile “close encounter” with Russian jet; radar-lock on Turkish F-16, Jens Stoltenberg on airspace violation; Russian Defense Agency: US not interested in fighting terrorism
2:08:48“They love laundry” on The Soup, old washing machine “the pounder”
2:11:01Hillary town hall: “thank you for your candidacy”, “shaken not stirred”; MSNBC Hillary-bashing focus group; NBC News “exclusive” first look at Biden ad, to Human Rights Council: “transjester”, “there’s homophobes still left, most of them are running for President I think”
2:28:33Donation Segment
2:37:39DraftKings insider trading, podcast advertising; “you’re the product”, JCD on Ziff-Davis specialized magazine audiences for specialized advertising; Adblock Plus acceptable ads guidelines, manifesto from Adblock Plus developer
2:53:12Jimmy Kimmel man on the street segment on Trump tax plan, “he’s a caricature” mind-control kicks in; “ermahgerd I just really love it” selfie-taker, Evel Knievel “all this can be verified” kook; Joe Friday lecturing hippie kid vs millennials
3:03:43JCD hyper-sweetened CBS News Syria clip; ACC vape convention report next show