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762 400,000 A-Bombs (2015-10-04)

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0:00:00JCD: “I’ve given my location away. Pack up the van!” ACC: “Let’s go, let’s go
0:00:38Umpqua Community College shooting: ACC’s “flying the false flags at half mast”, half mast Presidential Proclamation; Obama: “so the main thing I’m going to do is I’m going to talk about this”, Hillary’s “sensible” measures, ACC: repeal the Second Amendment; Jon Karl to Obama: “I have to get you to respond to something Jeb Bush just said” on “stuff happens” comment, Obama: “I don’t even think I have to react to that one”, Jon Karl ABC Bush defense; Brolf: modern countries “don’t have these kinds of mass shootings”; Obama directs news organizations to tally terrorism vs firearm numbers, NBC obeys; “make it hard to get like a driver’s license” meme; Chris Hayes on speech “one of the most powerful and angry of his Presidency”, “the scale of the response” to ebola; Major Garrett on “evolving anger”; three-name shooter Christopher Harper-Mercer, student who “heard nothing at all”
0:30:25Douglas County Sheriff’s letter to Biden after Sandy Hook; Chris Cuomo badgering; testimony before Oregon House, Paine’s Common Sense; Sheriff’s Facebook link to Sandy Hook conspiracy video, ThinkProgress on “tentherism”, constable vs sheriff, Oath Keepers’ “paranoid rhetoric”, on video: “that’s not a conspiracy theory belief that I have”; provision of Oregon marijuana law went into effect same day; Sheriff casually discusses media reports with reporter; planned drill with fire department and ambulances, FBI on scene about three hours later, reports of US Marshals, ACC on the war on crazy slippery slope; JCD: “what drugs was he on?”, Toujeo and Latuda side effects: “impairment in judgment”; Juan Gonzalez: “we’re seeing … one of these mass shootings every day, on average”; “acquired legally” meme
1:12:09Producer Segment: Tesla X rollout with Airstream
1:25:15JCD clears up Show 800 vs eighth anniversary donation confusion
1:26:35CNN’s Two Degrees: edible cricket “farm of the future”, ACC: “then we should eat Hillary Clinton, she’s cold-blooded”, crickets in Austin; Al Gore: “400,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs exploding every day”, “fish swimming in the streets” in Miami; “pestaurants”; Australian climate modeler David Evans fixes two errors, undermines IPCC
1:41:23Peeple CEO Julia Cordray basking in the limelight: “every major media outlet is calling me and fighting for my time”, ACC: “I predict heroin overdose for her”
1:50:08Lavrov waiting around for tardy Kerry; Ash Carter on Russians bombing non-ISIS, Kerry on “mil-mil talks”, Lavrov: “if it looks like a terrorist … if it fights like a terrorist, it’s a terrorist”; Russians not using smart bombs meme; US MSF hospital bombing in Afghanistan; News Night “agree to disagree” with Assad spokeswoman on barrel bombs
2:02:27Poorly-translated statement from Putin on fighting Russians Chechens in Syria
2:05:52Donation Segment
2:14:21Tech News: former Boeing CFO James Bell joins Apple board, Kevin Lynch previously worked on Flash; Google’s Sundar Pichai: “all of us enjoy amazing services like search”, “acceptable ads”; Snowden joins Twitter just in time for CISA; “I learned it from you, OK?” ad
2:33:12Low-sulfur diesel and catalytic converters; News Night reveal revisited; Dutch producer on “test mode” ubiquity; Mercedes “we do not manipulate” memo; AdBlue urea liquid
2:50:10Data from 15M T-Mobil customers lost in Experian data breach; Six-Week Cycle offset by two weeks; Norah O’Donnell asks Jack Lou about ten-dollar bill redesign
2:57:07National Enquirer: Hillary has six months to live; Warren Planned Parenthood speech; ACC’s friend told “if you don’t vote Democrat, you hate your vagina”