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761 Deconflicting (2015-10-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “You said I could stop it whenever I wanted!” (0:48:02)
0:00:32JCD two-point font in printout; ACC wiped out by 400-mile Lubbock-Austin drive, abandoned hooker stations, “hey Adam, good to see you” gas pumps and ATMs; tattooed trailers “The Raptor”, “Qwest”; Airstream quality slippage, carbon fiber trailers (ACCPPotD); quonset hut + house = compound, ACC: “which is exactly what the press will call it when I’m shot by FBI agents”; Albuquerque KOA dysentery alert; planning next leg of I ♡ Laundry
0:21:03Planned Parenthood hearing: Cecile Richards grilled about apology after first video, “perpetrator”, Jordan: “which statements were you apologizing for?”, subpoena vs restraining order for videos, $22M transfer from 501(c)(3) to 501(c)(4) and PACs, 2012 $12M in advertising for Democrats; Richards’ $600k salary, $5M for travel, celebrity parties; Dan Pallota TED talk on nonprofits; ACC: spin off and rebrand; PBS on “clandestine videos”
0:41:50Benham brothers on Muslim prayers in school meme; Bill Nye incomprehensibly discusses fertilized eggs, “a lot of men of European descent passing these extraordinary laws based on ignorance”, “a book written five thousand years ago”, JCD: “he’s an anti-Semite!”
0:50:59Secret Service digging for dirt on Chaffetz
0:53:58Sheldon Whitehouse wants climate change deniers investigated under RICO, Thom Hartmann to guy: “Paul, why should you not be in jail?”, “you’re taking money to deceive the public in a way that’s killing people”, oil depletion allowance not a subsidy; huge new German coal plant; CNN Two Degrees on burping cows with dumb Texan
1:10:50Producer Segment: Edward Snowden/Scissorhands interview with @fart
1:28:54Taj Mahal cleaning, cow dung burning ban; Bob Marley’s friend’s “hotter than coal” joint
1:31:44Pope’s “secret” meeting with Kim Davis, hug and “thank you for your courage”, Lester Holt: “Davis … claims he thanked her for her courage”
1:44:32Charlize Theron muddling through AIDS speech to UN, “ending AIDS by 2030”,; social justice warrior Anita Sarkeesian: “I have been the target, for three years nonstop, of egregious online harassment”; ACC and TtK in Dutch press, JCD’s $5k “scandalous” photo; JCD on erudite Variety online comments; brain professor shmoozing
1:54:56Presidential Memorandum waiving Child Soldiers Prevention Act coverage on $20M for Yemen; ask Adam: why does Obama say getting rid of Assad gets rid of ISIS?, producer: ISIS “taking a beating on every front” from Russia; Pentagon suspends training program, Putin: “first they are armed and trained, then they defect”, French airstrikes, Ash Carter “miffed” at one-hour notice of Russian activity: “this is not the kind of behavior that we should expect, professionally”, hit man code of conduct, “deconflicting” collision avoidance coordination used mostly incorrectly, “we do not want an accident to take place”; Mike Morell dodges “Obama outmaneuvered” question: “I think the real problem here, Scott, is…”, “negotiated transfer of power from Assad to something else”; Putin’s broke meme, McCain tub-thumping for Petraeus, “dictators who have domestic problems sometimes strike out”, ambassador Ryan Crocker; Trump: “maybe we should let them do it!”; War College guy: Russian “voice and a veto” in Middle East; declassified documents on ISIS antiquity smuggling
2:26:07Donation Segment
2:42:46National Prescription Take-Back Day, Old Faithful syringe box, Obama: “between 2013 and 2014 we show a 33% increase in the number of heroin users”
2:48:17“The most popular candidate running for President right now is not running, it’s Joe Biden”