Call Clooney!

760 VAWG (2015-09-27)

Show 760 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Oh, please! This just gets worse!”
0:00:33ACC in Salt Lake City; Old Faithful and Beehive, rude Chinese everywhere; JCD: do a runaway truck ramp dry run; “live mouth-hitting exercise” for producer’s wife at meetup; Microsoft store in Tehran, “Rich Kids of Tehran” Instagram; “Islamophobe” No Agenda tweet from Media Matters guy; Don Lemon on Ben Carson comment: “Muslim is the new black”
0:17:57JCD 3x3: ABC on Jeb Bush “free stuff” comment; Turing CEO Martin “douchebag drug guy” Shkreli as scapegoat for entire industry; Trump’s “shrill” comment, ACC: “I saw Carly Fiorina move her eyebrows”, JCD on Nixon “dirty trick” enemy, Fareed Zakaria “fact of the matter” on Hillary: “she has trouble with the sort of charisma element”; Trump to 60 Minutes on “thin-skinned”: “I don’t like lies”; Christiane Amanpour: “the top Republican candidates have decided to make a war on Muslims” and “interfaith dialogue” meme; Katy Tur anti-Trump propaganda, audio speedup
0:40:29CNN al-Qaeda vs ISIS reality show Keeping Up with the Caliphate
0:47:00John “crybaby” Boehner quits, “the crazies are taking over”, Pope’s “pray for me”, Susan Sarandon Pope assassination theory
0:53:52JCD unceremoniously jettisoned from TWiT
0:54:50Producer Segment: Denver airport horse “Blucifer”
1:16:55Paris diesel engine ban; European Commission pushed diesel to lower CO2 instead of real pollution; diesel and catalytic converters; Volkswagen software outed on December 2014 News Night (CotD); ACC: “the Germans have killed people!”, JCD: “with gas!”; “EU-wide inquiry”, Switzerland suspends sales; similar situation with BMW; JCD on Volvo’s test track in Sweden; Moby on climate change: “I choose to be a vegan”
1:38:32EU $1.1bn to address Syrian migration, Tusk: biggest tide yet to come, “we need to correct the policy of open doors and windows”; Shakira to UN: drowned kid “should humanize the plight of the refugees”, demand “just exit to this humanitarian crisis”; Assad: “the West now is crying on the refugees with one eye, and aiming at them with a machine gun with the second one”; Ukraine NATO membership
1:46:53Tech News: Windows 10 to use Baidu in China; XcodeGhost malware in China affects Perfect365, CIA technology demonstration in 2012; NSA now spying on all employees, economic hit man on Arabic and lousy assignments in Middle East; Mike Rogers grilled about private e-mail servers; Facebook RSS; JCD trolling TtK for Newsletter pictures; Facebook “Daughter’s Day”; C-SPAN state dinner camera, Tim Cook’s date Lisa Jackson; clock boy to visit Google science fair and UN, ACC: “I guarantee heroin overdose for this kid”
2:09:15UN “damning worldwide wakeup call” report on cyber-VAWG “Violence Against Women and Girls”, ITU’s Doreen Bogdan-Martin on “cyber-violence”, “pandemic”, JCD example: “I’d do her”, “serious internet violence” for 9M women, “effective TOS”; Gamergate Zoë Quinn: “triage”, “intersexual feminism”, “bad-faith websites”; documentary on Lizzie Velásquez “world’s ugliest woman”; Zuckerberg’s “starchitarian” Chinese wife
2:27:02Donation Segment: meetup chili from lunch lady nutrition service worker
2:53:01Second Half of Show: ACC attending Secret Space Program Conference; blood moon eclipse
2:54:54Ask Adam: car with jammed cruise control never identified; “health monitoring car seat”
3:01:30More North Korean nuclear saber rattling; Xi Jinping in Korean giant voice system crisis; China to build Kra Canal in Thailand