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75 Boeing vs. Airbus - The Flatulence Conspiracy (2009-02-26)

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0:00:38ACC using Skype setup for meeting sound effects; “Octomom” Nadya Suleman, “octobox”
0:02:32Breaking News: livestock flatulence responsible for 12% of greenhouse gas emissions; St. Catharines Standard headline “we need to solve the meat problem”, NASA Orbiting Carbon Observatory failure on launch, ACC on sheep shearing; smart grid and Western Area Power Administration handing out grants to GE & IBM, RFID chip livestock-tracking smart grid; ACC’s E71 battery drain stopped right after last show; Nokia €500M from EIB
0:10:50Obama address to joint session of Congress “let’s be clear” and “look”, Stimulus Czar Joe Biden on “do you know the website number?”; Shrek the Musical flatulence-fest; JCD: Pelosi looking like Cher, Obama’s entrance to high fives and fist bumps, standing ovation for Michelle; Clinton-era changes to regulations on interstate banking and Glass–Steagall repeal, “save or create” 3.5M jobs, “nobody messes with Joe”, Hillary in hot fuchsia, cap and trade tax, “clean coal”, claim that US invented automobile, JCD on smooth-running Japanese V8 engines, Wankel engines; Obama “American issue” meme
0:28:08$410bn Omnibus Appropriations Act, Pelosi “all the stuff we had left over”, $1.75T total budget; Lawrence Summers asleep at the podium at Obama financial summit
0:31:53“Sully” Sullenberger shows up at joint session; pilot union warning at FAA meeting, ACC on testing engines with frozen turkeys, copilot’s “biggest bird I’ve ever seen”, JCD: “flock of pterodactyls”, ACC: “there’s a war going on between Airbus and Boeing”; Turkish Airlines 1591 crash at Schiphol Airport, tower audio offline, ACC fuel starvation diagnosis, recent 737 aborted takeoff, JCD: “banker on board”
0:41:09Obama pointing out people in audience near end of speech, autograph signing; idiotic response from Bobby Jindal, “Baton Rooge”, MSNBC speechless, CNN Facebook poll and Obama fact-checking, “reliance on foreign oil” meme
0:47:19Extra Michelle Interview, starstruck over Will Smith’s family, Portuguese water dog; Assistant Secretary of State lobbyist Christine Varney in charge of antitrust; Rahm Emanuel inspiration for West Wing’s Josh, brother Ari founder of Hollywood talent agency, brother Zeke NIH bioethicist; Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke
0:55:08Telegraph on hand-launched remote controlled military drones to be used by police, Obama going after guns, London helicopter traffic;, “summer of rage”; Stalinist revival in Russia; government shutdown on death of David Cameron’s son, Justice Secretary Jack Straw vetos FOIA to release Iraq invasion Cabinet minutes; Jackie Chan pissed about sale of Yves Saint Laurent estate’s stolen Chinese artifacts
1:10:45JCD call for donations, ACC: “link to the show”; “GFail” outage, SLA credit; Royal Bank of Scotland’s £10bn fourth-quarter loss, to handle Dutch government banking, ING in trouble
1:17:22TSA and private aviation, colonial park mule drivers required to apply for federal Transportation Worker Identification Credentials; Seattle Post-Intelligencer to shut down if not sold,
1:25:58$11.2bn for Obama helicopter fleet; discovery of antibodies that target all flu strains; California drought recently neutralized, Los Angeles sheriff contemplating releasing 4k inmates, Tom Ammiano marijuana legalization push, ACC on recent lunch with Saudi royal family money managers, all-in on Afghanistan drug trade, investment insurance companies refusing to pay
1:35:00Outro, JCD on George W. Bush library: “it’s just comic books, I understand”