Call Clooney!

758 Blue Waffles (2015-09-20)

Show 758 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Child abuse, I tell you!” (1:30:56)
0:00:32Airstream of Consciousness in Santa Fe, ACC’s 10 MPG, Wild Bill “I don’t want people thinking I’m Exxon” story, book and jerky shop; Lubbock meetup, STD capitol, “raider rash” and “blue waffle”; SiriusXM “Progress” channel 127; Angela Castaneda’s excellent production job; Airstream “how do you like it”, renaissance fair millennials
0:26:16September 23 Armageddon; Papal protocol advisory for Congress, “Presidential perp walk”
0:29:12Workout and memory benefits of caffeine, “expresso”; Reuters native ads; cryotherapy
0:36:23NHK explains Japanese Constitution changes: “collective self-defense” with US and Australia; McCain and “freedom of navigation” operations in South China Sea
0:42:15Bernie Sanders to Norah O’Donnell on taxes under “Dwight David Eisenhower”
0:46:40Producer Segment: award for Epic No Agenda Beer
0:51:43European Parliament directive requires airlines to return refugees to country of origin at cost; pileup on Turkey-Greece border; Kerry on “modality” of Assad’s ouster; Kerchick: we “fell for” Russian chemical weapon plan; refugees’ dead kid banners; fake Syrian passports; Croatia-Hungary fence under construction; man tripped by camerawoman now a soccer coach; UK counterterrorism bill’s definition of extremism: “vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values”, JCD: “I don’t like crumpets!”, man arrested by FBI for retweeting ISIS, proposed University of California “free from expressions of intolerance” policy
1:19:55“Clock boy” recap, politically active father, CAIR involvement; at press conference on meeting with police chief: “not without my lawyer, no”, prompted by CAIR woman, “we don’t have definites on that yet”; CAIR rep to Chris Hayes: CAIR involved on day of incident, MIT astrophysicist: “you are my ideal student”
1:31:11JCD 3x3 Trump hit pieces moment over “Obama is a Muslim” question, McCain in 2008: “he’s a decent family man citizen”, JCD: “birth control certificate” mixed in, Daniel Pipes’ “Was Barack Obama a Muslim” article; bogus NBC fact-checking, “truthful hyperbole”, agent provocateurs in the chatroom, “buy his way into the Presidency” meme; Fallon to Hillary: “is it possible that you have too much experience?”; Bernie Sanders endorsed by 128 artists and “cultural leaders”, ACC: “is that an arrogant bunch of shit or what?”
1:52:36Letter encouraging Biden to enter race, Plan “Kill Bill” possibility; Whoopi Goldberg on Reagan and Lanterman–Petris–Short Act, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, “they dumped mentally ill people on the street”, air traffic controllers; Mika Brzezinski’s Fiorina “girl crush”, Stephanopoulos on Planned Parenthood video “analysts”, Fiorina: “Planned Parenthood needs to be defended”, Rev. Patrick Mahoney on “meaningless” defunding votes
2:07:42Donation Segment: JCD recommends Slovenian wine
2:18:24Noah’s Ark sculptures at IPCC meeting; Robert Redford to Larry King on speaking at UN on climate change, JCD story about meeting Robert Redford with girlfriend Lucy, Redford on Obama and Arctic drilling; Bill Nye: “the Garden of Eden was in Missouri, and you can know this by looking at the neutrons in the ice” (CotD)
2:29:18Greek snap election, “cliff hanger”
2:30:53Cheney making the rounds; Lawrence Wilkerson: “Dick Cheney oughtta be in jail for war crimes”, “we wouldn’t have to listen to him except through prison bars”; Trump piñatas
2:33:21Tech News: “blockpocalypse”, Daily Mail’s Jon Steinberg endorses click fraud; Arabic input; Dubai prince dead at 33 of heart attack friendly fire; Doritos rainbow chips; Vegas bullet train