Call Clooney!

757 Dairy Air (2015-09-17)

Show 757 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Ehh, you feel a little slimy, I dunno, you never, you don’t, you feel a little dirty.”
0:00:34Rain and snow in California, wine harvest; promo video
0:03:01Antebellum v2.0 and “clock boy” Ahmed Mohamed, dudes named Ben and brain professor all-in on Texas racism meme, Biden: Trump xenophobia and the Know-Nothing Party, JCD on history of race riots, Sanders: US was created on “racist principles”; iOS “Adblockapocalypse” and closed systems, AOL keywords; ACC “new civil war” theory
0:24:54New York mental hygiene laws and brainwashing; JCD’s new Miss America watching strategy
0:28:22Killing Ed documentary, G├╝len schools and Germany; 2014 International Crisis Group report; breathy-voiced question for Michael McCaul: “how do you balance these urgent humanitarian needs with national security?”, Assad-removal meme; EU Parliament directive instructs airlines to keep refugees out in spite of Geneva Convention, EU Naval Force Mediterranean to target refugee traffickers; British boat tours in Turkey; McCaul on Papal security
0:45:16Kirby on US “policy of regime change”: “I’m not going to dignify that with an answer”; 22% of Syrians like ISIS, 82% think ISIS a US creation; CENTCOM’s Lloyd Austin reveal special forces in northern Syria; disgruntled DIA analysts, Austin on reports not going directly to White House; enhanced drone strikes and “collateral damage”; Karzai on al-Qaeda: “for us they don’t exist”, Adam Curtis documentary, new al-Zawahiri audio message from SITE
0:59:45Producer Segment
1:09:03Republican debate: warmonger Lindsey Graham, JCD: “sad single man with no children and he wants to die”, “libary” pronunciation; Jindal is Kermit the Frog, Trump is Jason Calacanis; Fiorina’s Botox non-smile; John Kasich unsure if he flew on Air Force One; “GOP Candidates Butt Heads”; Jake Tapper to Kimmel on Trump coverage chicken-or-egg; strange Obama “America’s” tap tap tap tap “winning right now”; Fiorina the warmonger: “we need about fifty Army bigades”; Miss America pro-Bush answer slamming Trump; Cruz on $100bn for Iran as financing terrorism; Fiorina “ny turn next”
1:35:31September 23, JCD: “you might as well send us all your money because we’re all gonna die”
1:36:23“Gender-fluid” reporter Jonathan Rachel; Hillary lookalike over Tapper’s shoulder
1:37:57Executive Order for using behavioral science, “nudge theory”; Michigan avoids “if you see something say something” with “OK to say”; ACC outraged at sexist Kickstarter for home security system “Angie”
1:45:56Miss Colorado: put Ellen DeGeneres on the ten-dollar bill, ACC: “we’re doomed”
1:51:23Benghazi and arms dealer Marc Turi, Napolitano: “Mr. Turi paints a picture of a government totally out of control”, Benghazi insiders now with Clinton-linked Beacon Global Strategies, Turi: “when this equipment landed in Libya, half went one way and half went the other way”
1:57:30Donation Segment
2:13:29Broadcast Board of Governors RFQ for software to decode HF MFSK32, MFSK16, etc.
2:17:56Prank Putin call to Elton John; House of Cards gay-hating meme; Putin to continue Assad support; Rand Paul on Saudi Arabia not accepting refugees
2:26:58Miss America: plain and chubby contestants, Miss “come smell our dairy air” Wisconsin, winner Georgia opera number, Mississippi “fiddle” solo, “Oklahoma, move up a little bit!”, Georgia botches Q&A on deflategate; Planned Parenthood, BLM, gun control, Kim Davis
2:43:58Eddie Bernice Johnson all-in on “carbon pollution” health impact
2:49:38Vaping story revisited; deadly synthetic marijuana in New York, screaming drug user