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755 iPope (2015-09-10)

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0:00:00JCD: “Get back to what you’re supposed to do, slave!” (1:47:39)
0:00:31“Hail Apple” for the big event; DH Unplugged donation link in Newsletter; all major predictions wrong, iPhone 6S “peek & poke” e-mail feature, ACC: “they had the Apple logo made out of coke, man!”, Tim Cook “ah-ma-zing”
0:08:18“I love laundry” jingles; ACC at KOA franchise in Bastrop on Mr. Robot binge, “this is the television event of 2015”; therapy Junior Adam Burger King dog in trunk vs homeless guy
0:16:32Dan Barber “food trash into treasure” juice pulp burger, “dumpster dive salad”; producer squirrel feedback, British squirrel and vegetable pies, Faces of Death monkey brains
0:27:03Hollande to fly Syria sorties; Merkel mask in EU Parliament, Germany needs 500k migrants per year, dibs on the Syrians, Le Pen: Germany recruiting slaves, Danish anti-refugee ad, Milibande: US “a world leader in refugee resettlement”; Turkey sending Syrian refugees to Europe; Jolie trots out the old “raped repeatedly” stories, ACC: little pink pill meme; 30k spots in Siemens campus; Hungarian camerawoman kicking refugees; Front Page magazine on hijrah “jihad by migration”; News Hour: Russian military on the ground in Syria, Antonov An-225; April Irish fishing trawler and Russian submarine conspiracy theory debunked
0:50:21Cruz on Iran deal: “people will die”, EMP to “kill tens of millions of Americans”, Starfish Prime; Sarah Palin on “Orwellian Obama world full of sprinkley fairy dust”; Trump guarantees prisoner release, Iran spy border hiker; Roger Stone: Clinton Foundation “a slush fund for grifters”, e-mail from Chelsea on Haiti incompetence, more visits there than Middle East
1:05:08Hillary’s ABC “apology” with old lady makeup and demure voice, David Muir propaganda intro, cadence comparisons; Andrea Mitchell: “rebooting her campaign” on Ellen Show, Gaddafi “Lady Macdeath”, “aboveboard” meme; formal Huma Abedin investigation, ACC: Mary Steinbergen the actress girlfriend, Jack Wheeler op-ed on in flagrante delicto with “squeeze”
1:24:02Producer Segment: “assigned male at birth”, “shit cis people say”
1:44:24Expanded CIA ISIS drone campaign, analyst complaints about inflated numbers; latest Inspire magazine: target Bill Gates; Bob Baer on Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!
1:53:44Xeni Jardin on TWiT: breast cancer and “new religion” of science; PR girl: “Twitter fits very intuitively with religion”, Twitter “monitoring” Papal naysayers, “if things are violating our rules, they are taken down”, improvements to avoid “another global glitch”, prediction: iPope
2:01:24Bob Guccione Jr. on WTF: Discover article on 100% sunspot-temperature correlation, Maron: “but you’re not denying climate change”; Jerry Brown failed attempt to cut oil use by 50%, “this is an existential threat to your children”, California über Alles; Atlantic’s “quieter” hurricane cycle; Tom Vilsack on giving vegetables “cool names” like “X-ray carrots”
2:16:17Two Missouri radio hosts suspended for speculating about Virginia TV shooting
2:17:01Donation Segment: No Agenda beer arrival, JCD recommends Hopp Zombie
2:30:07News Hour on Kansas anti-Semite shooter giving Nazi salute in court; CBS Hitleresque waving Trump still; ACC’s O-bot friend’s Facebook post: “I should be, and am, terrified of this man”
2:35:59Arizona I-10 shootings “domestic terrorism”, ACC: “hey John, why do you think he’s yelling at us?”, JCD: “it chops, it grinds!”; Bill Maher quotes anonymous caller on enslaving immigrants
2:42:11Rep. Trent Franks in Planned Parenthood hearing: “the only time this little baby was ever held by anyone in his short life, was by those who cut his face open and took his brain”
2:44:37Thomas Sowell to Hannity: “I’m afraid that no lives really matter very much to them”
2:45:52I Love Laundry Tour itinerary; JCD on Saskatoon: “I’ll fly in”