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754 Juloon (2015-09-06)

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0:00:00ACC: “Wait a minute, one of the symptoms of the drug is you see the cat?” (1:42:18)
0:00:34ACC on Galveston Island; Labor Day vs May Day; no more wearing white clothing
0:03:38Fiber vandalism in Northern California, “there’s no second line”, JCD: “gophers”; Galveston 1899 seawall, tile benches, Ray the blood-pooping panhandler, high beach bacteria levels; hammerheads in California; ACC: “who needs a house?”, search for the Airstream’s name
0:15:10Marine veteran Michael Whaley “viral” anti-BLM video, to CNN on no-snitch rule “they not gonna admit the troof”, Megyn Kelly “I got it”; Montel Williams to Don Lemon on “tipping point”: “99% of this are committed by us, on us”
0:27:27September 15 Six-Week Cycle; networks converge on refugee crisis, no mention of charges for Guatemalan President PĂ©rez Molina; dead kid on beach had lived in Turkey, childhood photos mysteriously intact; Emma Thompson on climate change and migration, “entire swathes of the earth that will become uninhabitable”, Syria crisis in five minutes cartoon; Frans Timmermans’ background with ACC, “moment of truth in European history”, African: Germany the “best thing on this earth”, Muslims converting to Christianity “in droves”, first trains of refugees arriving in Munich, Jolie still MIA, JCD: no icon-changing because no Hillary techno-experts
0:51:20George Monbiot cooking squirrels on BBC; Secretary of Agriculture Vilsack on school nutrition “between the months of Juloon and September”; Monbiot’s squirrels “a little tough”
0:58:27Producer Segment: CotD YouTube channel
1:07:19JCD “why am I playing this clip” segment: History Channel on German superiority, self-esteem movement and score-less sports leading to fascism
1:10:08CNN ties OPM hack to Ashley Madison, “massive database analysis”, government cybersecurity not “up to the par of the private sector”; CNN: Kiev riots “now turning deadly”, “Russian troops” in East, Predator drones in Latvia, F-22s in Germany, blame Putin; slow news weekend, return of patronizing Megyn Kelly, JCD: “she epitomizes being constipated”
1:20:37Producer pet peeve: “18-month veteran of the department”
1:22:48RT on 25 new Russia sanctions, Deputy Spokeshole hemming and hawing, guilt by association; Frontline “Putin’s Way”, Yeltsin-era corrupt business as usual, Putin never head of KGB, apartment building bombs Chechen false flag, similarity to first Chechen war and elections
1:35:35ACC recommends Zen TV Experiment; creepy Globe Magazine “exclusive baby monkey doll”
1:40:40“Nightmare-inducing” boneless cat Belsomra ad, “do not take Belsomra if you have narcolepsy, sleep-driving, aggressiveness, confusion, agitation, or hallucinations”, “risk of suicide”; Nulasta “ruptured spleen”; Truvada 86% success “corrected” to 100% by Kaiser study
1:54:08Donation Segment
2:03:29Hillary to Andrea Mitchell: “I was not thinking a lot when I got in”, condescending “I am sorry that this has been confusing to people”; producer hrod.tar text archive; Brianna Keilar grills Brian Fallon about thumb drive full of headerless PDFs; sysadmin Bryan Pagliano taking the Fifth, spokeshole to Matt Lee on hiring for “IT job”; National Enquirer on “secret lesbian lifestyle”, “beauty in her early 30s”, Benghazi as a pretext to out her?
2:32:38Trump signs pledge not to go independent; Iran deal commits US to defend Iran against Israel; Uncle Don op-ed in favor of deal, secular Persians
2:41:40Burning Man naked revelers in dust devil; flakka used with e-cigs, cop: “what they’re vaping, I cannot determine”, ACC: war on vaping; national SAT scores down, 42% not college-ready; ACC stunned at fraternity dues, JCD: “most of the benefits have to do with cheating”