Call Clooney!

751 Funny Blow (2015-08-27)

Show 751 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Who does these things at a quarter to seven??” (0:40:16)
0:00:32ACC “out in the sticks” with the Airstream at McKinney Falls park
0:08:55Upcoming O-bot dinner to be attended by Mayanist Dave Stuart
0:11:30Virginia journalist shooting, Obama: gun-related incident number “dwarfs any deaths that happen through terrorism”, “photographer” not cameraman, criminologist: “you get peripheral vision”, no knockback or blood; boyfriend Chris Hurst’s 6:10 tweet, binder full of photos, police: “Alicia Parker and Aaron Wade”, Megyn Kelly’s cameraman “speculation”
0:31:46CIA superwoman Alison Parker, Alpha Phi and Valerie Plame; Walmart spokeshole on curtailing firearms sales; father Andrew Parker and Sandy Hook’s Robbie Parker; 6:45 am interview on tourism; Andrew Parker the consultant and Broadway actor; DeRay McKesson tweet: “whiteness will explain away nearly everything”; cherry-picked “manifesto” faxed to NBC
0:47:04White House fence-jumper Curtis Smith shot, ACC: “I’m thinkin’, this guy knew too much”; JCD: “half the country seems to be working for an intelligence agency”; Belgian medal for French train heroes, EU train security legislation, Obama “no takin’ off your shoes”
0:55:49Mike Rogers’ Something to Think About dog story; Stephanopoulos “wash your hands”
1:00:12Producer Segment: new No Agenda brain scientist; JCD “byclist”
1:13:20Hurricane Katrina retrospective, “category six”; Fiorina’s over-Botoxed face: no new California reservoirs thanks to the likes of Jerry “moonbeam” Brown; Botox “can’t feel emotions”
1:23:58Dan Rather: “I’m a little suspicious of this battle between Trump and Fox”; ACC’s Subway “veggie combo” revisited; Trump and the art of the shaggy dog story, Jorge Ramos
1:32:33Josh Earnest: Biden “better decision than the Secretary of State he chose”; “you’re listening to” glitch; Caroline Kennedy e-mails; Lois Lerner’s secret “Toby Miles” account; Trump on teleprompters: “dee dee dee dee dee”
1:41:18ABC Monday C-block native ad: Honest Tea survey on honest cities; Peace One Day McWhopper; keyless ignition carbon monoxide lawsuit Ford and Volkswagen hit job; This American Life soliciting donations, reasons large corporations like Boeing support PBS
1:55:34Donation Segment: Amy Goodman: David Duke endorses Trump; ACC to deport Micky
2:18:16Red Book kid eating weed prediction confirmed, ACC: “hyperactive? that’s some shitty weed”
2:19:23NATO training exercises, F-22s in Europe; Lavrov: signals that US wants reconciliation; RT on couple getting married at Chernobyl
2:24:31Wes Clark Seven Lebanon up next for regime change; Erdo─čan and ISIS corridor, stolen oil sales; Kirby on trafficking in artifacts, spells out I-S-I-L twice, ACC: “everybody in marcomm knows that you need to have the brand be consistent”, Baal Shamin temple “pile of rubble” in Palmyra, JCD: “what is one of the real irritating aspects to building what you wamt to build?”; Amy Goodman’s new fact: “Turkey entered the fight against ISIL last month, opening up an air base in the United States”; 16-year-old Manchester girl charged for possession of Anarchist’s Cookbook; ACC: “this is the razing stage”, ISIS czar John R. Allen
2:41:06Department of Defense seeking $850M cyber-training contract, “Minority Report -like monitors” to attract and retain millennials
2:43:46Agreement between South and North Korea to shut off giant voice system and express regret for land mine incident, end “quasi state of war”