Call Clooney!

750 Gas Jackers (2015-08-23)

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0:00:00ACC: “Do you have chardonnay?”
JCD: “I want it cold.”
ACC: “Cold for a meaningful conversay-shun. I may even have some nuts.” (2:12:54)
0:00:37“There’s bears in the pool!”; Cecil the lion and Zoo; ACC’s suitcase fail in Chicago with Tina, “unfortunate sexual incident” wrist sprain, her family of No Agenda listeners; architectural boat tour; embarrassed beggars; sneaking Tina thru pre-check, “your wife’s not pre-check!” at Midway; Rick Perry on same Southwest flight, “how you healin’ son?”
0:17:10Chicago “gas jackers” exploiting “glitch”; Chicago meetup
0:20:07Airstream coming Tuesday, decal donation, “I ♡ Laundry Tour”, Verizon booster boxes
0:26:17Ted Cruz on 14th Amendment then & now, ACC: choose dual citizenship on 21st birthday; Bush “anchor babies” flip-flop aimed at Trump, NBC fake “offensive” dictionary definition; Trump Alabama rally fly-by, Van Halen Trump!; Paul Begala to Pooper: Trump “appealing to angry white men which, we call them now, Republicans”, “what’s gonna croak him?”
0:40:35Mika Brzezinski takes Huffington Post douchebag to task for entertainment section policy, Jeremy Peters: “you want me to indict and damn Hillary Clinton … I’m not going to do that”, JCD’s Chronicle editor went to work for Feinstein; Hannity on disqualification for office, obstruction of justice; aides in the crosshairs: Huma Abedin, DCoS Jacob Sullivan, CoS Cheryl Mills; Jon Stewart debate moderation petition; Roger Stone on Biden-Warren chances; McLaughlin Group predictions; Politico Google result ordering election impact study
1:02:22Producer Segment: three double donor show; new No Agenda comedy compilation
1:20:32Free catheter sample pack; producer note: “little pink pill” for antidepressant users
1:25:12Producer note on “the Donald”, “teflon don” as belittling
1:26:06JCD: “Caitlyn Jenner is annoying”, ACC: “we wanna see your junk slapped between your but cheeks!”, show highjacked by GLAAD, ABC story on possible charges over car accident
1:32:21North Korea not fond of giant voice system, sketchy timeline for “temporary pause” in exercises
1:36:00Tsipras resigns; Germany to run Greek airports, ports, and trains, catalog; Libyan refugees arriving in Lesvos, PBS ITN story on Syrians refugees and Macedonian border violence, ACC: “this is perfect, the Germans are running them on trains”
1:48:20Third American involved in French train story, no medal for Brit, JCD: “where was the NSA?”; Southwest announcement comedy: “all right, get out”, “two more steps” from the bathroom
1:52:21Donation Segment
2:06:47ACC: Hillary’s BLM meeting was scripted; spokeshole to Brolf: Tamir Rice “shot literally for playing”, Sandra Bland “the case that everybody knows”, “all lives matter” a “violent” statement; Oklahoma sheriff: MSM “propaganda wing for this movement”, “drownd out”
2:15:07Science as new religion note from theology PhD: a god is something one trusts in, original sin, JCD: “hail Apple”, “my wife hates your show”; everyone headed to Subway
2:21:33News Hour’s weak analysis on Biden’s prospects, Trump “devastating” the party, “pale versions of Trump”; Taibbi blames Trump for Hispanic homeless beating
2:26:39Ex-Mossad Ephraim Halevi explains IAEA-Iran deal, “let’s not have another Yom Kippur in reverse”; roadmap document dissection; “red gold” saffron, rugs, and caviar
2:38:13Agenda 21 2030; climate scientist John Christy: climate “not very sensitive to carbon dioxide”
2:40:29“Hangdog” Ash Carter on closing Gitmo; Gitmo theme park
2:43:1410% market correction: News Hour vs CBS “cleanest dirty shirt” analogy