Call Clooney!

74 Enter Colorado (2009-02-22)

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0:00:03Intro Music Part 2
0:00:38JCD’s unrehearsed intro, at Dvorak Compound “freezing to death”; ACC’s flight to Antwerp for plane’s annual, good plane for aerial photography, super-high-resolution high-tension wire imaging; JCD’s questionable Port Angeles studio setup
0:06:06Blackout for New Zealand Twitter icons, variously colored ribbon campaigns; ACC: internet “one big calling-out machine”, Obama off Twitter for a month in spite of promise, Robert Gibbs introductory comment on Twitter monitoring, Pacific Northwest test marketing hotbed; ACC on New York Post chimp cartoon racism controversy, callback to Connecticut chimp shooting, Murdoch stimulus distraction, John Legend “Jim Crow” open letter; Obama promise-tracking websites as fanboy targets
0:20:58Administration blocking Bush White House missing e-mail investigation; block grant timeline, unflattering Obama video still frame; overly-verbose Peter Orszag publishing bio, “huge tome”, smoking economic ruin of Iceland; Chuck Grassley question to Orszag CCed to White House Counsel Gregory B. Craig who represented John Hinkley Jr. among other unsavory and/or evil characters; no stimulus money for Hurricane Katrina victims; No Agenda formula “to lift the veil of the matrix”
0:32:18CNBC Rick Santelli trading floor “rant of the year”, JCD MarketWatch column on gutted consumer protection laws and usurious payday lenders, Robert Gibbs on Santelli: “I’d be happy to buy him a cup of coffee – decaf”, GE and six degrees of separation from Obama
0:38:5017k more troops for Afghanistan, Pakistan in turmoil with Musharraf out; Israel admits Mossad active in Iran targeting nuclear scientists, cannon designer Gerald Bull assassination, policy in media outlets not to go after each other, JCD story: Wired hit piece by Paulina Borsook, “I’m actually a fairly dull person”, distraction at Greens vegetarian restaurant
0:50:22Faulty sensors implicated in mismeasure of Arctic sea ice; Earth Wind and Fire at White House Governors’ Dinner, Obama claims annual deficit will be brought down to $500bn, ACC’s Dow prediction comes true, “S&P 600” prediction, markets tank after Dodd talk of bank nationalization, JCD: “shut up and get to work”
0:56:01JCD pushes for “another 900 subscribers”, potential three shows per week; Petroleum Journal Monthly $30 oil and $100 per barrel infrastructure, Dubai ghost town, JCD pricing Emirates flights at $10k
1:03:00Upcoming Gordon Brown Washington visit, promises “global system” of financial transparency; Army Times: National Guard scraps Arcadia Iowa door-to-door weapons search exercise after internet freakou; Allen Stanford outed by Venezuelan trader’s blog post, anti-Semitic “Who’s Behind Madoff” piece; UK Iraq War documents stolen from drunk bureaucrat, JCD story: hammered PC World publisher on flight, MI6 torture of British Gitmo victim; British police officer rushed to hospital after contact with HP Sauce, JCD global HP/A.1./Worcestershire comparison experiment, ACC recommends Reggae Reggae Sauce
1:14:47George Soros: world financial system “effectively disintegrated”, JCD on moving markets by buying in, peak oil, Berkshire Hathaway down 50%; miles-driven gas tax revisited, uninstalled Google Maps app killing ACC’s new E71 battery
1:25:26Eurojust all-in on tapping Skype calls; “wacky-ass blue mustang” at Denver International Airport that killed creator; Academy Awards “year of the dog”, leaked winners list
1:30:37Netherlands giving out free iPods for completing Gardasil regimen