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749 The Big Jump (2015-08-20)

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0:00:00ACC: “Ho, that’s very funny, someone who’s not a scientist telling a scientist what to do!” (2:23:49)
0:00:34Fires everywhere in Washington; honor system farmers markets, geese heading south
0:04:39The “little pink pill” female Viagra “Addyi”, PR campaign to lobby FDA; spokeshole Amanda Parrish making the rounds with “pretend to be asleep”, “light switch” memes, HSDD in DSM, “as sedating as four drinks”, Ashley Madison distraction; News Hour: “women are more complicated than men”, ACC: “have four glasses of wine, smoke a joint, and bang like bunnies”, “the pleasure center is the brain”, JCD: “I’ve always found a good head massage, and scratching of the scalp, to be most effective”; bonanza for Sprout Pharma; Yale “fancy term” doctor: “I wish we knew exactly how it works”; JCD “old virgin” real estate story
0:28:56JCD Prosecco and Champagne recommendations, Kirkland “the little pink bottle”
0:34:29Ashley Madison and OPM data, fake accounts like JCD’s, bulk bogus women’s accounts; Subway Pedobear Jared Fogle arrest, ACC’s Subway people-watching tradition
0:41:01CBS shilling about super-lice, “triple genetic mutation”, JCD: “giant cootie from Hell”, “call your doctor”, nit comb, National Pediculosis Association, JCD: “kerosene, now that’s the other method!”; dentist producer: fluoride not linked to cavity risk
0:50:48Native ad of the day on ABC: Starbucks and Papa John’s back to back
0:53:05Producer Segment: JCD Twitter harasses Kristin Chenoweth into listening
1:08:20Trump “low information voter” meme; “anchor babies”, “look it up in the dictionary, it’s offensive”, 14th Amendment “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”, ACC on $420 for biometrics
1:15:50Huffington Post: “cis male”, “white feminism is feminism that ignores intersectionality”, “most white feminists are white”, “white, cis, and straight”, “sometimes as white ladies, we just have to shut the fuck up”; Killer Mike on Tavis Smiley: “how can we self-segregate our dollar”, 2nd Amendment, Smiley: “if you really want to solve the gun crisis … give every negro a gun”
1:30:03Akiko Carver at 1993 march on Washington: agenda run by “a few rich white fags”, “if you want gays in the military, it’s because you’re racist”, ACC: “she needs a little pink pill”; Black Lives Matter to Hillary: “partially responsible” for incarceration rate, Hillary’s “out” from handler, “original sin” meme
1:47:46Hillary e-mail mash-up of lies and retractions, “I love it, those messages go away all by themselves!”, “bathroom server” testimony; Petraeus parallel, Huma Abedin; MX Logic’s peculiar dual-priority servers; Michael Hayden: “I would move heaven and earth to private e-mail account of a foreign minister”, “original sin” of account commingling; Chelsea Clinton Webb Hubble offspring theory, the vasectomy look revisited
2:04:28Donation Segment
2:17:31Second Half of Show: space elevator patent; Frank Lloyd Wright’s mile-high Chicago skyscraper
2:20:37Religion and happiness study; “the nones” religion-less generation, Professor Russ “science is religion” Twitter war, Ott’s Law: ISIS comparison; Ben Carson on “In God We Trust”, Austin Stone church
2:34:26Tom Hartmann on “the big jump” where “global warming really takes off”; Institute Research Institute: “better climate prediction scores” from El Niño
2:38:16Amazon working conditions slammed, JCD: it’s the unions, Amazon spokeshole Jay Carney; CNET’s Bridget Carey on Amazon Dash buttons: “who doesn’t need a mac & cheese panic button?” (CotD)