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747 Heteronormative (2015-08-13)

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0:00:00JCD: “I dunno why, why is anybody, eughh, I dunno why anybody’s likin’ this guy.”
0:00:35JCD closing out Red Book volume 4, Red Book Trump North Korea prediction comes true; happy left-hander day; Chris Hayes on Trump: “go talk to the median Mexican”; Kerry “no no no”, Trump “bing bing, bong bong”
0:08:46Kerry: “very possible” Russians and Chinese are reading his e-mail, “very complicated and fast-moving world”, Black Hat “a meeting of hackers”, “going after people’s cyber”, JCD: “don’t touch my cyber”; Facebook criminal activity detection, Metaverse Mod Squad, donation from fake Syrian address, “manage buzz”; “IT consultant named Ben” breastfeeding story
0:25:18JCD’s “three weeks, three networks” nightly news study, ABC native advertising; Disney’s three transgender-centric shows, banal I am Cait train wreck, Seacrest’s schedule
0:35:44Rep. Brad Sherman on Iran deal vote: resolution of approval vs disapproval, Kerry on BRICS and TTIP, sanctions a win for Russian farmers, Wikileaks TTIP reward; pervasive pharmaceutical ads on news, circadian rhythm sleep disorder
0:51:22Producer Segment: Boeing 747 introduced in 1968
1:07:21Networks have turned against Hillary, anti-Hillary Secret Service, CBS report with “blue phone” photos, HDR images emphasizing facial lines, two top secret e-mails, ACC’s defensive “look, Mimi” message from campaign, CBS: 10% of e-mails classified, “personal communications from my husband and me”, ACC: “you better stop going out with that fucking bimbo; she’s mine!”, Colorado anti-spam site archive, ACC on postfix SQL database auto-backup, FBI: all investigations are criminal, Sanders 7% lead in New Hampshire
1:22:23Larry Lessig’s “referendum president” campaign, JCD: “obviousity” of media corruption; Sanders to nurses: free college for all; Warren vs Fiorina; Bill’s death as Hillary’s way out
1:32:59Trump on Sanders’ “weakness” in Black Lives Matter takeover, “that’s not gonna happen to Trump”; Amy Goodman devotes more time to Trump “Megyn Kelly period” comment than to German treason charges and Mexican mass graves, Trump “writing on Twinner”, 1.5 minutes for Hillary’s “slashing women’s healthcare funding” comments, Kelly: no apology “for doing good journalism”, Trump “won a staredown with Fox News”, “war on women” meme
1:49:10MSNBC on party treating Trump like Ron Paul; Trump to Chris Cuomo: “I keep whining and whining until I win”; scripted call and response duo dodge Don Lemon’s backing question; Trump’s refusal to apologize, JCD on Mondale’s fakeness, no 14-point plans of Trump; MSNBC on UKIP populism; Rand Paul on name-calling
2:10:41Cory Booker on drug incarceration rate disparities; SAFE Justice Act for prison depopulation
2:13:27Donation Segment: mile-high club; San Francisco rents; credit union Airstream loan
2:32:20Greece agrees to austerity, Merkel: let entire EU guarantee loan; Norway’s natural gas supply; DSB MH17 report: possible Buk parts; Portugese Espírito Santo bank customer protest
2:38:50Boyfriend-shooting Obama advisor Barvetta Singletary
2:44:07“Take space” meme from Black Lives Matter professor, candidates represent “white supremacist heteronormative patriarchal capitalism”; Hillary’s “enthusiasm problem”
2:52:40New SITE Intelligence Group video with ISIS blowing people up; Erdoğan vows to wipe out terrorists, Syrian “safe zone”, “equip and train”
2:58:37Art Bell: knowing Adam Curry “from VH-1 days”; JCD: tweet about No Agenda to celebrities
3:03:12Buffett $30bn Precision Cast Parts acquisition, pipelines and war; Zirtual’s CEO Maren Kate on its “completely unsustainable business model”; ACC’s tour plans, JCD news teases