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746 Thermostat Placebo (2015-08-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “Sounds like a warmonger if you ask me.”
0:00:33ACC always aware of the date because of doing the show
0:01:00Republican debate 24M ratings; varieties of “F” Facebook logo seen by each candidate, “flunk”; Trump’s bad lighting, bashed by focus groups, “best crony capitalist” slam; Carson the torturer; Trump on raising immigration issue: “the reporters, because they are a very dishonest lot, generally speaking, in the world of politics”, “I don’t mind having a big beautiful door in that wall”, “our leaders are stupid”, Mexican “how to sneak into the US” comic book; “happy hour” debate, Graham: “I’m not married, I don’t have any kids”, “queery” follow-up
0:19:40ACC’s Echo waking on “election”; Rubio “that’s a great question”; Paul’s manager: he “won the debate in the first two minutes”; Trump singled out with independent pledge, took over debate; Fiorina “not a member of the political class” closing statement; Graham closing statement: moderate Iranians all dead; Trump on his donations to Hillary
0:30:01Millennials hate “toxic” Hillary, love Sanders, slanted; Mark Shields on misogyny: “it isn’t like you’re attacking … Judy Woodruff or some of the liberal elite establishment”, JCD on Fosbury Flop, The Viewers View “I stumpin’ for the Trump” call and response
0:51:30Producer Segment
1:02:23Only 16 participants in Dutch “sexist thermostat” study; Sir Trotsky on “placebo thermostats”
1:08:032016 Intelligence Authorization Act Section 603 requiring “terrorist activity” notification
1:10:31Contrasting reports on California fires, Amy Goodman can’t resist “warmest on record”
1:12:43Obama pushing Iran deal as only alternative to “another war in the Middle East”; on timeline: “six months from now”, “alternatives to military action will have been exhausted once we reject a hard-won diplomatic solution”, “maybe not three months from now, but soon”; Nobel Peace Prize vs “I’ve ordered military action in seven countries”, progressive Iranian youth
1:22:23Greek refugee numbers up 750%, Farage on 5k ISIS fighters; Australia sending refugees to camps in Papua New Guinea; H.R.237 terrorist passport revocation, ACC: “maybe Snowden’s ready to make a move”, exit interviews
1:28:04Selective eating disorder as indicator of psychiatric disorders, JCD: “drug ‘em!”; anti-doping and 800 athletes with suspicious blood tests
1:31:57Pentagon e-mail attack attributed to Russia, Earnest “not in a position” to attribute
1:34:01Ask Adam: lame new News Hour sound effects, Charlie Rose’s new PBS weekend show’s upcoming “important events” native ads; Bobbi Kristina Brown lawsuit
1:43:42Family Research Council’s Ken Blackwell on Planned Parenthood targeting minorities, eugenics; Japanese professor on importance of religion in American society
1:48:06Donation Segment: New Horizons ten-year download, Martian crab
2:07:09NASA’s ten-year project to explain Death Valley’s “wandering rocks”
2:12:59Tech News: Tesla throws down the gauntlet on car hacking, FireEye stealing fingerprints from Android phones; new amateur radio FSQ digital mode
2:16:39North Korea’s new time zone, “they already control when people wake up in the morning”, reverting to pre-Japanese time zone, JCD: Trump and Kim Jong-un will be equated
2:21:55Kermit and Miss Piggy “will be seeing other people, pigs, frogs”, ACC: “gay thing” coming
2:24:21Khalaf Ahmad al Habtoor supports Trump, Middle Eastern “one great man” culture
2:28:12Kentucky post-fluoridation cavity uptick; Mimi’s City Council run; CIA fluoride use
2:32:24Kurds running petroleum distillation in Northern Syria