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743 Misgendering (2015-07-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “…bout I think, I think, I think.” (2:21:16)
0:00:31Still watching for Jade Helm; distraction of the week: Cecil the lion, conservation money for poor African countries, Texas oryx, Trump kids takedown
0:07:09New Planned Parenthood video, website “attack by extremists” front page, “highly-edited video”, “militant anti-abortion extremists”, phlebotomist Holly O’Donnell on pie plate dissections; Carly Fiorina on pre-abortion ultrasound; EMILY’s List on “dishonestly edited” video, “polio vaccine” lie; “what, and quit show business?” joke, JCD on unnamed podcaster with identical-sounding female guests, ACC on identical-sounding “Patty Steele” radio announcers
0:23:32War on Men: women freezing in offices, EMILY’s List “female friendly” thermostat; ACC recommends The Chalice and the Blade
0:27:30ACC’s Airstream shopping 630 credit score fiasco;; Elizabeth Warren’s husband the economics professor; ACC’s branded checkout clerk: “are you going to get rid of all your stuff and live in it?”, JCD: get a loaner, co-signer “I’ll make it worth your while”
0:39:44JCD didn’t finish Adam Curtis documentary he recommended; DoD’s botched/abandoned Mullah Omar assassinations, BBC: died in 2013; Curtis on origin of man on the street reporting, movie theater magnetometer interviews: “problems with like movie theater shootings and stuff”, “bad agendas”, JCD estimates chance of being shot in theater
0:50:27Producer Segment: Obama “no no no” Jarabe Tapatío
1:04:12I Am Cait, producer: Jenner bad for trans community; Danielle Moodie-Mills: “we need to stop misgendering people”, “you should be fined by the FCC”
1:07:18Millionaires in aviation, ACC’s psychoanalyst, Al Roker hypnosis, MKULTRA
1:16:00Producer message on Chrysler lemon law suit and Wired article; JCD has no luck contacting Chrysler; EVTV podcast, right to repair movement and DMCA waiver, tax benefits of recalls
1:27:29Sheldon Whitehouse: “the consensus position on climate change”, Trump an obvious NA listener: “I call it weather”, Hillary: “I’m just a grandmother with two eyes and a brain”, “three thousand premature deaths”, 500M solar panels, Kentucky Fried Movie “zit power”
1:39:40Santa Cruz girl killed by neighbor, no mention of SSRIs (JCDPPotD); NPR native advertising
1:49:40Donation Segment
2:01:55Acceptance speech planning for ACC’s Podcast Movement award
2:06:56Today Show’s new “senior food analyst” Sam Kass; Bobbi Kristina Brown inheritance battle
2:10:01Russia vetoes MH17 tribunal, attractive Australian Foreign Minister Julia Bishop: “a veto should never be used to deny justice”; Australian cat curfew, 2M feral cat cull
2:16:47Follow-up: Chattanooga victim Skip Wells appears not to have died in 2009
2:19:10Movement in favor of Springtime for Hitler from The Producers play
2:21:01NewsHour on murder & slavery on the high seas, 90% of world’s goods on ship meme, environmental crimes like dumping oil, no enforcement; BBC on child sexual exploitation in US, ACC: “do some investigation on your own turf, BBC”
2:34:17Six-Week Cycle “mini-event” with Florida “timer bomb” to be detonated remotely
2:35:42$5.4bn in PAC-3 missiles for Saudi Arabia; Kerry: it’s not a treaty because passing them is “physically impossible” (CotD), McCain: “how did that North Korean one, deal work out for you?”, Kerry: “it didn’t work out for me, I didn’t cut the deal”
2:42:38Chatroom “sniff count +1” annoyance; JCD on stretching and winking tics, MTV “jaw thing”
2:47:27French manure-dump protests over artificially low milk and meat prices