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741 Bad Optics (2015-07-23)

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0:00:00ACC: “Like, why do you want that turned down?” (2:38:54)
0:00:32Jade Helm begins; ring of fire; NASA “seas are rising” report, “five times higher than previous predictions”, coauthor James Hansen, June 2015 “hottest on record”, Pakistani morgues, ACC: “can we change this Ramadan to the winter?”, “high level activist” Hans Joachim Shellnhuber “induced implosion of the carbon economy”; Schwarzenegger video for evangelical conference
0:14:05ACC’s drone sighting; new sniffing tic, JCD: “I don’t think Adam on coke would be pleasant”
0:18:10Cameron on “ideas which are hostile to basic liberal values”, “warped worldview” of 9/11 conspiracy theories, treat it like kiddie porn, “put out of action the key extremist influences who are careful to operate just within the law”, “despicable far-right groups”
0:26:47Feinstein: Chattanooga shooting a “classic lone wolf terrorist attack”, “encrypted app”, internet document “stack”, JCD: Inspire a methodology to “blow yourself up”, ACC on Steal This Book; “senior” contributor Mike Morell: “you can have a man who may not be in any contact with a foreign intelligence org… a foreign terrorist organization”, “in his basement” meme
0:43:23Wired vehicle hacking article, legislation to mandate “technology that can stop a hack in real-time”, producer: wipers, transmission not wired to UConnect, brakes decoupled, UAW Fiat Chrysler hit piece theory; $80k research grant; ACC: reopen Michael Hastings case
0:50:39FISMA Reform bill; Jeh Johnson to ditch Gmail at work, ACC: Ashley Madison hack a “blackmail operation”, bogus “waiver” from CIO, expect a promotion, ACC: Uncle Don took an Iran Contra bullet, “I just use my iPhone”, JCD: “they need a guy like Joe Engo”
1:07:05Producer Segment: ACC Portugal superstar story; new DEFCON Dude Named Ben CDs
1:26:18Trump: “I would take away the oil … bomb them!”, pundits’ “peak Trump”, Chris Rock on McCain: “he a war hero that got captured — there’s a lotta guys in jail that got captured!”; CNN International pro wrestler comparison, bemoans “all Trump all the time”; Pooper called out on obscure poll, “people don’t trust you”, Pooper: “right”
1:39:15Rubio: McCain criticism “insult to all POWs”, Hillary weighs in, Rubio’s consultant-induced fake smile; can they “Ross Perot” Trump?; Rubio’s “I think”; Reagan ‘76 cycle; Trump: “I would get along with Putin”, politicians “weak and ineffective” lobbyist slaves, reporter anti-interruption “excuse me” technique; CNN on $213M for The Apprentice vs Seinfeld; Charlie Sheen “cat farts” tweet; CNN analyst on debates: “I won’t be watching, thank you”; historical “we need more businessmen” meme; self-esteem movement tease
2:04:32Donation Segment: Sounds of No Agenda iOS app; unbranded sealing wax
2:13:59Real Sports on self-esteem movement: trophies for all “to make them feel special”, trend from 1980’s California, “none of it works”, ACC’s high-jump “poodle prize”; teens getting first C in college: “often they freak out”, trophies “lead to delusion”, JCD: “this is noodle boy”, ACC at Mevio standing outside with clock; preschooler “I am special, look at me” song, parents buying trophies for whole team, “we don’t keep score”; partial reinforcement extinction effect
2:31:02Planned Parenthood “bad optics” from Deborah “ghoul” Nucatola; No Agenda tip: in-flight chat handle “Pilot”; MSNBC’s donated blood “transported to the hospital” vs Red Cross sales; ghoul: “in negotiations the person who throws out the figure first is at a loss, right?”, JCD: [talk] a little louder into my flower“, using a ”less crunchy technique“, JCD: Cecile Richards as fetus-swallowing V reptile, more videos to come, ghoul: ”I want a Lamborghini“
2:46:07Martin O’Malley booed for “all lives matter”; Loretta Lynch on Storm Roof 33-count hate crimes indictment: “the parishioners had Bibles, Dylann Roof had his 45-caliber Glock pistol”