Call Clooney!

740 Losers to Lions (2015-07-19)

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0:00:00JCD “OK Google! OK Google! OK Google!” (0:22:36)
0:00:33National ice cream day, “that’s swag”; ACC Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame induction; Serial and NPR podcasting “Kodak phenomenon”
0:09:10Producer Segment: Gmail spam filter changes; DEFCON 23 No Agenda CD meetup
0:24:59Mainstream media portraying Planned Parenthood organ sales as “tissue”, Ted Cruz cites three possible criminal violations, including changing abortion method; Nurse Tracy: optimal age 20 weeks, JCD: “well, we have to assume that with Congress on the case, that they will never get to the bottom of it”
0:32:07Six-Week Cycle: Alexander Ciccolo entrapment, only charged with weapons possession; Chattanooga shooting, antidepressant not identified, identifying terrorists “thorny problem” for Twitter vs selling “firehose”, “losers to lions”, Abdulazeez failed nuclear plant background check, drunk driving charge, Andrea Mitchell asks about guns: “was that just part of small-town Tennessee activity?”; al-Baghdadi directive: fade to black for the beheading
0:49:37Wes Clark on “self-radicalized lone woofs”: “we put ‘em in a camp, they were prisoners of war”; JCD: schools pushing anti-Americanism; Tunisia now “major non-NATO ally” to get around $60M cap on arms sales; military base gun ban, JCD: “when was the last time somebody shot up a Whole Foods, a place that deserves to be shot up”; McCain pushing S 1376 to shift purchasing decisions from Defense secretary’s office to services, unauditable DoD and WTC 7
1:04:48McCain: Trump “fired up the crazies” with Mexico comments, Trump: McCain offered Vietnamese military info for medical aid; Trump: “I deal with politicians on both sides”; millennial producers on Bernie Sanders’ appeal; Sanders: “media is controlled by large multinational corporations”; Warren at Netroots Nation: “equal marriage” gay Howard Dean screech, “Confederate flags comin’ down”, Palin & Trunp slams, money in politics, JCD on UC asking for money, Warren money from bank-defending law firms like Brown Rudnick, George Carlin “it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it” clip
1:32:12Producer note on transracial Rachel Dolezal as groundwork for Warren; NYT: Trump bubble
1:36:21Valerie Jarrett explains Obama’s Amazing Grace rendition at Aspen Institute
1:40:06Caitlyn Jenner ESPY a Disney deal for PR & Diane Sawyer interview; ESPY comedy writers
1:43:28JCD: Mimi all-in on Über, standing in puke cab story; billion-dollar idea: Über medical
1:47:55Donation Segment: JCD caller: “who’s this?”; Tourette’s man on the street; Sir K5ITM
2:01:18Rep. Buddy Carter: “I’ve only been to two counties in my life, and that’s one more’n I wanted to go to” on Air Marshal airport fees, flying first-class
2:07:08Ivar Giaever: 0.8°C rise, “everything in the world has gotten better”, Obama “dead wrong”
2:12:11Tech News: Molly Wood on net neutrality pre-crime, it’s not broken so let’s fix it
2:14:52Fired Reddit AMA manager focus of “women targeted” meme, Pao the hatchet man; Vonda Shepard Kickstarter CD
2:19:55Ernest “Mouffant” Moniz “wing man” for Kerry at Iran “depoliticize the issue” negotiation in wine cellar, no nuclear program dismantlement
2:25:23American Psychological Association to label religious objections to “commonsense matters” a mental disorder; Jim Carrey op-ed on California school vaccine requirement
2:29:16Wendy Sherman on Iran deal, Constitution “treaty clause” vs UN and Executive Order
2:35:34Seinfeld’s McCartney bit for end of show; JCD’s previously-played Greek bailout clips
2:38:39Richard Blumenthal: FIFA a “mafia-style crime syndicate”, “almost insulting to the mafia”