Call Clooney!

73 Save or Create (2009-02-19)

Show 73 album art
0:00:03Intro Music Part 1
0:00:33New jingles, ACC intro flub, on two shows per week: “I haven’t been this excited since high school dating”, “’I never, ever, ever got laid”; JCD story: NYC bar scene pickup artists
0:05:34Ditching chatroom for Twitter, ACC all-in on TweetDeck
0:09:37JCD on “tax breaks for the rich” in $789bn stimulus bill, ACC on “Pelosi’s save the field mouse” to the tune of $30M, Paul Allen’s $1bn tax avoidance for Charter Communications tax forgiveness; $75bn Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan and Fannie/Freddie bailout, qualification rules, “paying back more at a lower rate”
0:21:17Karl Rove Wall Street Journal op-ed “Is the Administration Winging It?” picks up on “save or create” nonsense; “only in office three weeks” meme; ACC’s registered lobbyist roster: Eric Holder, Tom Vilsack, William Lynn, William Corr, David Hayes, Mark Patterson, Mark Patterson, Ron Klain, Mona Sutphen; keeping Warner Brothers and Madonna happy at MTV; JCD on Simpsons and Family Guy taking pot shots at network
0:27:37$4.1bn of stimulus for ACORN Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, “civil disobedience” campaign; OMB head Peter Orszag in charge of stimulus, “recently advisor to the Central Bank of Iceland”, JCD: “we can close the show”, White House blog on “transparency and accountability”; CNBC reports Wall Street revolt, Goldman Sachs partners having to borrow millions to cover margin calls; Bernanke claims family home is in foreclosure
0:39:07Media distraction Madoff Mark II Allen Stanford, FBI pissed off at SEC for disrupting drug cartel investigation, Horowitz friend describes SEC raid, American Express Black for jet rental declined; skepticism about Enron’s Ken Lay actually being dead, Paraguay Bush aquifer caretaker; Bush and Clinton insiders still in administration, Obama prompter misread: “wrecking havoc”, developing a teleprompter cadence
0:48:30BBC: 2006 liquid explosive plot jury discharged for legal reasons“, do-over time; Dow at 7499
0:52:00Clinton Library funding mystery, $100M net worth from speeches, avoiding “black-bagging”; $150bn sent to Iraq on pallets unaccounted-for; Dubai real estate crash, oil below $35, abandoned cars at Dubai airport
1:00:59Green comet flyby, British-French submarine collision and solar wind activity, green lights in Kentucky skies, cast iron “hot rock” through roof in New Jersey
1:05:11Former MI5 Stella Rimington warns of UK police state; Counter Terrorism Act governing photographing police; JCD green comet publicity stunt for Comet; Stanford Super Series, Tony Blair’s $1M global leadership prize, Treasuries hiring fired bankers; miles-driven gas tax, UK water metering
1:11:05G20 meeting, IMF and World Bank pushing for global bank, Ahmadinejad “New World Order” and Middle East replacing Iron Curtain
1:15:27Federal government working for states, Obama continues California medical marijuana harassment, “stop it, signed Obama”; Russian Coast Guard sinks Chinese ship headed to Seattle on suspicion of it carrying nuclear warhead; Denver on front line in war with China; “making America work”; Frontline documentary “Inside the Meltdown” reveals Nancy Pelosi’s power
1:23:09Outro, ACC: “remember, two bullets to the head cannot be suicide”