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739 Trolling for Majors (2015-07-16)

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0:00:00JCD: “Stardate 1414. Tonight a star will be in the sky, just above Venus.” (2:05:42)
0:00:3712AX7 tubes, telephone party line reminiscences
0:03:48Greek austerity deal, $96bn bailout, #thisisacoup, “the privatization of its energy transmission network”, German bank KfW, 2008 €300M transfer to Lehman Brothers, Fifi Lagarde and “enforcement”; EU TTIP approval vote
0:10:53ACC dinner with Patricia, paparazzi, MILF-cougar-major hierarchy, JCD: “she’s gonna make it to colonel, that’s for sure”, ACC plan to visit Uganda with Tiffany
0:18:05New Horizons compressed Pluto photos; NASA Mars simulation in Hawaii, “still convinced Hawaii can look like Mars?”; $640k Bill Nye fan film Kickstarter, JCD: “send him to Mars”; Caitlyn Jenner ESPY, Red Book: switch back to male after two years, $28M Kardashian app
0:31:30Planned Parenthood organ sales, form 990, JCD: “crushed babies, line ten”, surgical “providers”
0:36:34Ant Man “the beginning of the end” for comic book films; South Park shape-shifting Jews
0:40:55Six-Week Cycle: “Dark Code” script kiddie hacking forum busted, “conspiring to send malicious code”; Cyber Command’s Brett Williams: OPM breach “past the wake-up call stage”, “a guy hiding in the closet for five months who’s putting on his night vision goggles”, “how many of these people are already in places that we really care about?”; Administration Cybersecurity Efforts 2015 fact sheet, emphasis on automation and information sharing; ex-Google Alan Davidson to be director of digital economy; OPM “hack” six times larger than thought
0:56:50Cokie Roberts on Hillary grandmother meme; Obama at ageism conference: “John [Dingell] was elected to Congress when he was just twenty-nine: an overachiever”; Obama 1: “you’ve got the NAACP and the Koch brothers”, “call it like you see it”, Obama 1 “the shouter”
1:05:37Producer Segment: Epic No Agenda ale
1:27:56“Stuttering Obama” on Iran deal: “they’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do”; far right “giving Iran billions of dollars” meme over frozen assets; Obama to Major Garrett on pre-written question about Americans held in Iran: “I’ve got to give you credit, Major, for how you craft those questions”; Rosie Perez on The View: “sometimes you have to make your enemies your frenemies”; Wendy Sherman: “the tears are largely exhaustion”, Kerry’s teary off-camera statement; ex-CIA Flynt Leverett on civil nuclear programs as sovereign right, unexplained non-nuclear site inspections, eternal “three to five years” from nuclear weapon; Netanyahu: “Iran’s support for terrorism will actually increase after the deal”, “what a stunning, historic mistake”, Brzezinski: “I think he’s not a very serious person”; Graham: “a fantasy is to believe that when they chant death to Israel they’re just kidding”; JCD: look for dip in oil prices, crosshairs on Saudi Arabia and Russia; legal definition of “treaty”; Dvorak’s law confirmed
2:03:18CNN explains sunspot cycle and possible Maunder Minimum
2:05:58Obama on Medal of Freedom revocation, “no tolerance for rape”, Larry Sinclair
2:09:37Bernie Sanders “underground phenomenon” with the millennials; fossil fuel pledge; Carly Fiorina: Hillary has “blood on her hands”; Betsy Woodruff on reporters’ anti-Trump bias, Morning Joe on widespread Trump support; super PACs as “destroying machines”; Chris Cuomo to Santorum: “why aren’t you more like your Pope?”
2:28:19Donation Segment: ACC: “you’re an Elmer”, JCD: “jeez, it does sound gay”; sashes
2:41:27“El Chapo” Guzmán escape, Sinaloa-DoJ collusion, Gawker’s unprecedented access to tunnel
2:46:22Male breast cancer from Risperdal; Seed Man: “fact, fact, fact, fact, fact!”
2:48:28White House hosts Paul McCartney’s Gershwin Prize party