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738 Busted Router (2015-07-12)

Show 738 album art
0:00:00JCD: “But Mimi says that she saw a bald eagle flying … carrying a small kitten.” (2:28:49)
0:00:38Live stream technical issues, “jiggle the handle”, chatroom snark vs phony Facebook
0:05:55Falling thru window video, Universal Hot vs Crazy Matrix; ACC: French internet “sucks balls”
0:10:22No Greek deal yet, Varoufakis resignation “gaming the system”, US stimulus vs European austerity, European Stability Mechanism, Finnish minister: “we need … clear conditionality”, Farage’s “get out”, French not allowed to work over 28 hours per week, bank closures, BBC recommends Bitcoin, hosting service skit; “chip and sig” cards in Netherlands
0:27:31Seed Man “Satan!” clip, new Obama “no no no no hey” jingles
0:29:09British budget, Osborne announces National Living Wage increases, two child policy vs immigrants, Nixon’s reverse income tax, robot economics
0:38:24“Three glitches made for a difficult Wednesday” for WSJ, NYSE, United, ACC: “we want a 404 glitch page … and put a goatse on there, would ya?”, United “busted router”, producer: United self-DDoS, ACC on Freedom Controller “glitch”, NYSE shutdown due to software update, Schiphol Wi-Fi takedown and rollback
0:50:37“Thwarted” July 4 terror plots, “plans that included guns, knives, and other weapons”, brass knuckles vs roll of quarters, Usama Rahim tied to July 4 plot in spite of already having been killed, Comey: “there is a device … saying kill kill kill kill”, WhatsApp & Threema; Feinstein to Comey: “some kind of front door key?”, child pornography dodge, Ron Wyden on encryption key “stockpile”, Martin “brown-noser” Heinrich
1:12:04Roy Blunt on overseas services, Comey: “I love strong encryption”, on Twitter shutting down ISIL accounts: “I think it actually led to ISIL to threaten to kill their CEO” (CotD), social media “works to motivate troubled souls to do bad things”, the long road to “see something, say something”, JCD: “if you see something… uh… refer to the police”; Obama: “we’re speeding up training of ISIL forces … in Anbar Province”; Sawab Center video on ISIL social media “hijack”; Obama “no no no no” Batman theme
1:35:18Producer Segment: .htm files, clunky ham radio sites; Geocities archive
1:53:30ACC: “Donald Trump is producing a reality show and we’re in the middle of it right now”; CNN out of context clip montage, comments on illegal aliens; Chris Matthews compares Trump to Saddam Hussein
2:07:27JCD: “what would Horrible Hillary do?”, on the female $10 bill: “I want a woman on the bill”, “I don’t like the idea that … you would basically have two people on the same bill” (CotD)
2:12:15Possible 2030 mini ice age; Rohrabacker to Gina McCarthy: “what percentage of the atmosphere CO2?”; Michelle Obama to Native Americans: “we are finally beginning to embrace the wisdom of your ancestors”, JCD reservation cliff trash dump; JCD on pesky bald eagles
2:29:23Russia unveils “straight flag in a bid to combat … gay fever”, rainbow flag ban, Day of Family Love & Fidelity, flag designed by French group; Joseph Dunford on Russia as “existential threat” vs Romney ridicule, John Kirby won’t answer “do you agree with him” question, “Defense Department equities”; Dunford won’t point at Chinese with OPM breach, Iran-Taliban vs ISIL meme
2:44:26Donation Segment: War of 1812 donation feud a tie
2:59:19Peter Schweizer on undecipherable laws and regulations: “if you can write a law that has teeth … you’ve now got a business model”, Dodd-Frank writer now a Dodd-Frank consultant
3:03:28Kerry still at the Iran negotiating table; Today Show on nail polish/shoe match