Call Clooney!

736 Show 200.7 Redux (2015-07-05)

Show 736 album art
0:00:00JCD: harmonica “How long does it last?”
ACC: “As long as there’s mold.”
JCD: “There’s always mold!”
ACC: “Right, but it’s…”
0:00:40JCD sounding different sans audience; history of 200.5 and 425/200.6; future deconstruction show will be done from scratch; “end of the day” and “essentially” proliferation; JCD Skype dropouts, improvements due to Universal Audio, headphone-less JCD, “turn down your speakers!” clip, JCD’s M-Audio box; ACC now able to listen more closely to JCD; JCD not replaying clips
0:15:20Show 200.5, first half
1:13:45JCD putting up with ACC’s bullcrap; ACC’s show prep now revolves around Freedom Controller, evening before clip-gathering, morning before organizing; JCD on hard breaks, writing to a word count; ideal show length and show count; top artist turnover, high jingle quality
1:32:02ACC’s dark studio, moving blanket; JCD’s Chinese CAD mike, noise gate on/off demo; “abyss” room-deadening velvet, change in ACC’s sound on Crackpot Condo move; voidzero running the infrastructure; Wikipedia page, seven pages of Google supremacy
1:41:50ACC’s Sound Byte software, segmented beds, three-element opening; medley of short clips; producer-driven evolution; upcoming Sculley, Heil interview show
1:49:39Show 200.5, second half
2:19:07Show 425, last words
2:23:19ACC on getting in contact: tweet one of us and watch for “favorite”, timestamps; e-mail quantity comparison, JCD FIFO and e-mail printing; pre-show clip review and scheduling
2:31:33Thanks and shout-outs; the vast No Agenda demographic; JCD’s Newsletter wizardry; meetup plans for the coming year; pre-stream activities