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735 Zucchini Emoji (2015-07-02)

Show 735 album art
0:00:00JCD: “And you can look this up, in old newspapers.”
ACC: “Oh yes, the lesbians took over.” (1:15:54)
0:00:32ACC in Rotterdam amidst heat wave; Taxi Eric stories, Rotterdam taxi network vs Über; “lazy Greeks” meme; Tunisian terror tension
0:07:41No Agenda travel tips: waltz right up to first class, request special meal; brand-new Airbus
0:13:06Greek referendum backgrounder, Amy Goodman butchers Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem’s name “Jukhelblom”, lenders admit unsustainability either way; Goodman “J’Johnson”; yuppie former ambassador on Greek alienation, Syriza resignation vow, JCD: “no”, ACC: “yes”
0:26:38Dutch law firm surveillance case win, new telephony retention laws; FISA overrules Appeals Court ruling, JCD: “heaven forbid you lose a couple of days’ worth of data!”; Peter King July 4 terror warnings: “great deal of chatter”, Obama “no no no” jingles, “they like to target this sort of thing”, ISIS “multi-level sense of operation”; Megyn Kelly on NYPD sand-filled garbage trucks, manhole welding, snipers, King: “I’ve never seen this level of concern”, “ISIS wants to carry out this attack”, JCD: “overtime scam”; Morten Storm points to Ramadan, Megyn Kelly: “they tell you they are gonna do something and then they tend to do it”
0:45:18Recorded Future’s report for Foreign Policy Initiative on Iranian involvement in Saudi Wikileaks, “increasingly the Saudis do not trust us, the Iranians do not fear us”, cyber-warfare by script kiddies, Ahlberg: “this is not just a guy in a basement”, “little green men”
0:57:46Producer Segment
1:08:37MSNBC on Obama “smackdown” on “transgender undocumented woman of color”, ACC: “she should’ve had a wooden leg and a glass eye!”; Amy Goodman “LGBTQ”, JCD on lesbian acronym takeover, gay vs lesbian “war”; Larry Wilmore on prospect for gay married President; McLaughlin Group: “do you think polygamy is next in line for legitimation?”, JCD on polygamous divorce complexity, Marion Pat Robertson: “most gays, if they’re havin’ a wedding, they don’t want pizzas, they want cake”, bestiality up next, Muslim “I divorce you”
1:30:18Joe Scarborough on Obama’s 2012 gay marriage opposition prior to Biden interview; Jeffrey Toobin on interracial marriage: “the parallel is precise”; Chuck Todd: “rural America” and the “progressive tide”, ACC: “rurr ‘Murica”; Obama’s “good week”, “we’ve made our union a little more perfect”; Jon Stewart to Kirsten Gillibrand on Republicans: “do you think they have mental problems?”; Hillary’s record-breaking $45M, ACC’s “chip in” e-mail; Hannity on Hillary e-mails in foreign hands, ACC: Huma Abedin “emoji zucchini”; NBC ditches Trump
2:00:44Kindergartener suspended over new haircut
2:03:03Donation Segment
2:16:26CVC’s ex Dexter’s vape business, BordO2 liquid, propylene glycol, butter flavor diacetyl lung cancer link; No Agenda e-liquid; Dexter’s 72-watt mod; “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bordeaux”
2:27:49Suicide leading of cause of death for Japanese men ages 20-45; leap second a dud
2:29:35Tech News: SpaceX Falcon 9 explosion, odd warning not to use cell phone near debris, Russian RD-180 rocket motor, secrets of tungsten welding; Chicago 9% “cloud tax”; Neil deGrasse Tyson claims Millenium Hotel is tallest in Eastern Seaboard
2:40:53No headway on nuclear deal with Iran; humanitarian crisis in Yemen
2:44:38Producer Derek’s NPR climate change negotiation report compilation; US-Brazil renewable energy agreement, President Rousseff cut in NSA spying; Ban Ki-moon: “it’s like snail’s… moving snail’s pace”, Morgan Freeman What’s Possible film voiceover (end of show clip)