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734 Peak Oil II (2015-06-28)

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0:00:00JCD: “I dunno, let’s start a spy agency and play spy, we can all be cool spies!” (1:12:42)
0:00:35Celebrations over SCotUS gay marriage decision; CNN on “unnerving” ISIS dildo flag at London gay pride march, “clearly not Arabic, in fact it looks like it could be gobbledygook”, “about fucking time” stand-up background; ISIS throws four gays off building; Franklin Graham: “God does not change his mind”, Hosanna-Tabor employment case and “police power of the state”, Ron Fournier: Huckabee “on the wrong side of history”, granddaughter Alveda King: “praying and waiting to hear from god”, echoey JCD God call-in skit: “I should’ve never signed with this agency!”; White House ready with rainbow lighting; JCD: Hillary outing insurance; unanticipated LGBBTQQIAAP divorces; Putin memes
0:32:49Real Sports hit piece on Qatar migrant worker conditions; Ben Affleck to direct FIFA film, no best director for Argo; Qatar’s habit of buying overseas sports teams, dismal living conditions in camps, sports academy head: “comfortable and healthy environment”, terminates interview; stadium with artificial cloud quadcopter; journalist untouched by police; McDonald’s & Coca-Cola outed, Qatar sports ties to al-Qaeda
0:52:39ACC Planned Parenthood/Save the Children encounter; Save the Children’s $657M
0:59:05City of Waco trying to block biker brawl surveillance video subpoena
1:01:26Producer Segment: new Canadian spy agency CSIS; ACC heading to Rotterdam
1:14:33Storm Roof shooting families to receive $29M from DoJ; prison escapee poster with “killed” label, “big shlong” guy; Office for Victims of Crime $9bn; Clementa Pinckney on black Confederates; eulogy by “the other Obama”: “he surely sensed the meaning of his violent act”, “he didn’t know he was being used by God”, God skit recap, Amazing Grace cock-up, autotune
1:35:43Trump Tower fire, Ross Perot pull-out, JCD: “shot across the bow”
1:37:00Tunisian shooting linked to July 4, JCD “run run run” evergreen, Quilliam Foundation guy: “soft target” attacks everywhere stepped up for Ramadan, ironic “first decapitation on French soil”, Britain “overdue” for an attack; NSA French Presidential spying leak by Russia, Ukraine gas discount discontinued; Pentagon to standardize on single IT service provider; Chertoff’s Einstein 3 intrusion detection system, “shooting down an attack before it hits its target”; DHS EAGLE II “Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions”, $22bn budget
1:54:42Greek aid to end on Tuesday, Dutch-accented ACC: “fuck ’em”, ATM runs, DH Unplugged discussion on Russian bailout, euro hoarding; New York banker predicts euro spike
2:03:35Donation Segment: JCD’s mother: brown eggs “polluted”; War of 1812 donation feud
2:19:26International Energy Statistics: nearing peak oil; anonymous Pacific Northwest National Laboratory insider: noncommittal COO, “global climate change caused by anthropogenic drivers of emission scenarios”; 1350 skeptic papers
2:25:29Trains Good Planes Bad: trains of the future to be fueled by sewage
2:26:38Tech News: IRS erased two years worth of Lois Lerner e-mail backup tapes; JCD on the demise or nonmigration of public relations agency databases; JCD on Seagate 200GB OneDrive offer; CDN; whois data to be de-anonymized in ICANN internationalization; Chrome out-of-band “OK Google” microphone activation; leap second of doom
2:41:27San Francisco probation officer in hot water for leaving a handgun and cocaine in hotel room