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733 Fusion Cell (2015-06-25)

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0:00:00JCD: “The entire US Navy’s running 100% on XP.”
0:00:35JCD’s printer on cleaning cycle; ACC: “we are the Oprah of dryer balls”
0:07:54Bill Nye “emoji science lab” funded by GE; Dutch court orders 25% below 1990 levels; Rick Steves on Dutch efforts to shore up dikes; EU 40% reduction target; EPA strategy released, Gina McCarthy: “saving thousands of lives”, acreage “destroyed by wildfires”, promo video: “mass extinctions”; White House Public Health and Climate Change summit, McCarthy: “wake up, now!”, “it’s toasty outside, I wonder what that could be all about”, 57k deaths by 2100, “frankly, it’s all about this kids”, deniers vs “normal human beings”; Ted Cruz on energy industry tax breaks, “infamous” $13bn wind tax credits
0:32:11Office of Personnel Management hearing, producer notes on scope of information exfiltrated, Chaffetz grilling Director Katherine Archuleta, CIO Donna Seymour reveals documents lost in March 2014 breach, JCD: “it’s like storing your password in a file called password-dot-text”, Mark Wahlberg: “it’s a Pearl Harbor”; Ted Lieu on contractor USIS fraud, $30M in bonuses for top execs; identity of hackers classified; uptalker Ann Barron-DiCamillo on “lack of logging”, JCD: “how many terabytes are these logs gonna be?”; OPM letter for Newsletter
0:54:50Benghazi person of interest droned in Iraq
0:56:00Michael Wolff on net neutrality: “the digital guys will be surprised” by regulation
0:58:07Hayden on Snowden foreign sponsor, inductive vs deductive; on USA FREEDOM Act: “cool! wheeze”; operation Overhead droned explosives-implanting doctor; JCD recommends NA-themed Josie and the Pussycats; French outrage over NSA spying on three presidents, source: Russia; Eastern European countries to “host” US weaponry
1:07:05Producer Segment: “gay on meth” message
1:16:44Upcoming Human Rights Report; Hostage Recovery Activities Executive Order, Obama cites Phillips and Buchanan rescues, Diane Foley on efforts as “annoyance”, Obama: “that ends today”, new FBI HRFC “fusion cell”, “intelligence sharing”, EO 12333 Section 2.3
1:27:48Final fast-track authority vote, Democrary Now names names, News Hour on attachment to African trade deal, Democrats voted against worker assistance
1:33:58Confederate flag-pull continues; history of the Confederacy, Marx on slave votes; Governor announces removal; Don Lemon on Jefferson Memorial; Alabama flag removal, Democracy Now removal rundown followed by report on white supremacist killings; Dylann Storm Roof Photoshop evidence, producer Suboxone stories; 2016 22-51% insurance premium hikes
1:55:23Greece to kick can down the road, Larry Summers on loans flowing back to creditor banks, Varoufakis a game theory expert; Queen Elizabeth in Germany, Belgian Waterloo coin kerfuffle
2:06:07Kale on Orange is the New Black; fastest train in the world: 127.1 mph in 1905
2:08:43Donation Segment: JCD recommends “stunning” 2011 Renaissance Bordeaux
2:19:34Obama epic “nah nah nah nah no no no no” to heckler a “smackdown” according to CBS, “you’re in my house”; JCD: ditch iPhone video, mug for the C-SPAN camera; “shame on ya”, crowd chanting “Obama”, “or we’ll have to take ya out” (CotD); NPR Obamacare segment underwritten by Athena Health Group
2:30:51Tsarnaev “awkward” post-sentencing apology asserting no one else involved
2:34:24“Podcast history” with Marc Maron Obama WTF interview, “saying” vs “using” the word; Obama “it’s just a podcast” comment
2:37:44UN sexual abuse in CAR’s capital “Bangui” (CotD), whistleblower suspended