Call Clooney!

732 Psych! (2015-06-21)

Show 732 album art
0:00:00JCD: “How ’bout… a big bouffant?” (0:43:56)
0:00:34ACC patch panel woes, new hardware, no Apple Store discount for the podfather
0:06:48“Hail science”, “it’s just incredible” evergreens; Jane Seymour “Crepe Erase” infomercial; dryer sheets for NWO population control, wool dryer balls
0:14:07ACC handshake “psych!” to Planned Parenthood canvasser; hexagonal awareness month
0:19:05Yatsenyuk: $25bn going directly to creditors; Donald Tusk: Greek “game of chicken”, proposed Euro Summit, New York banker warns of default, News Hour on Putin’s “look of satisfaction”; troubles ahead for Deutsche Bank, Primates of Park Avenue “wives’ bonus”, BBB+ rating worse than Lehman, selling retail arm, ACC Red Book: tits-up within three months, JCD: “soft shoe” delay; No Agenda tip: avoid the Broken Spoke unless you’re a good dancer
0:33:00Obama podcast on fast-track authority: “relentlessly changing economy”, need to be “rewriting the rules of global trade to benefit American workers”, “or I wouldn’t be doing it”; Kevin Zeese on TAA being attached to African trade bill
0:41:44Crazy-haired Energy Department Ernest Moniz, mullet-bouffant: “mouffant”, Iran balking over interview requirements, Moniz: “we are aiming to complete the deal”, “White House milieu” cadence; ACC’s former tea-drinking ways; Middle East arms race recap, Saudi Arabia deal with Russia to build nuclear reactors; Saudi diplomatic files from Wikileaks
0:55:53And Now Back to Real News: “comic and Dancing With the Stars alum” Tommy Chong cancer; Ohio marijuana legalization grower monopoly bill, billion-dollar back forty
1:03:29Producer Segment: “hissy fit”; LEED “leadership in energy & environmental design”
1:17:47CVC’s beautiful Father’s Day message
1:20:33Paul Ehrlich’s sixth great mass extinction, Frank Fenner: humans extinct in 100 years; Biden on climate change deniers: “they also deny gravity”; William Hurt to Tavis Smiley: AI not on par with “issues as monstrous as global warming”
1:29:38Brian Williams at MSNBC, Rachel Maddow “really happy” about it, “he has been through the most fantastically humbling experience that you can imagine” since leaving “Nightly”, Williams’ “workhorse agreement”; Nightly News revenue vs Today Show
1:36:05Dylann Roof on Reckitt Benckiser’s Suboxone; Comey: not terrorism because not political, no mention of manifesto; manifesto on registered in February, EXIF-less photos, rtf88.txt, 88 “heil Hitler” code, Romper Stomper front page, Rhodesian pro-apartheid patch, James Earl Ray connection, “1488” code, gaydar hit; CNN tl;dr, “European” meme; black friend: “primary target” school, not church; mainstream hate crime focus
1:59:36Confederate flag & SPLC; “violence everywhere, it’s almost non-stop”, Obama: no mass violence in advanced countries, Todd Rutherford: Fox News hate speech, Maher compares Fox to al-Awlaki; JCD Clementa Pinckney corruption hit theory; EMS producer note
2:17:01Donation Segment: Father’s Day callouts; new branded sealing wax
2:28:05Stephanopolous to Mindy Kaling: “it really does make you feel like you’re inside this eleven-year-old girl”, “in a profoundly wholesome way” (CotD)
2:29:33DHS active shooter threat instructor training program June 15-19 in Charleston
2:30:41Hillary Duff The View Tinder vocal fry-fest; Tia Mowry’s mushroom sautéeing technique, quinoa & kale chips; No Agenda seared tuna; Dempsey on “stiffening” Iraqi spines
2:45:08Donald Trump on 20% “real employment”, “big league”, News Hour: “the other fellow”, Morning Joe on appeal to television-shouters, “human IED”; JCD on 40-year Reagan cycle