Call Clooney!

730 Solution Space (2015-06-14)

Show 730 album art
0:00:00ACC: “They’re not… it’s a sales job; it’s disgusting what these people do.”
0:00:33“Hungry Hungry Hippos” on the loose in Georgia
0:02:13Pervasive neurolinguistic programming, Charlie Rose “the Straits of Times” short-circuit
0:06:24Show 729 mystery jingling: X-ray bin rollers; Sir Cyber’s two-hour “NA funnies” clip show
0:12:06Larry King’s no-prep interviews, Neil deGrasse Tyson: “we tell ourselves we live in a free country”, denial by elected officials “recipe for disaster”, “dare I use the word holistically”; ACC compares Sandy 9.41-foot surge to 1821 13-foot surge, subsequent New York hurricanes; Tyson’s disdain for “Elon!” Musk, “we need those people in society”; 2008 ABC prediction for June 2015: “gas has reached over nine dollars a gallon” (CotD)
0:39:10DeFazio on TPP labor standards: “the use of the word may does not sound like a binding standard to me”, secret tribunals, country of origin meat labeling repealed
0:50:23ACC’s New York banker feedback on bond liquidity, banking “no fun any more”, Greek default prediction, global warming “point of no return” fractal, Horowitz in on Greek banking
0:56:13Producer Segment
1:10:59NAACP fake black woman busted by family
1:12:31Odd Mom Out: “after three kids, my vag is like the Holland Tunnel”; Unreal, Jerry Springer rewards list; ACC 9lbs 2oz birth weight
1:17:27California drought attributed to divine retribution for liberal abortion laws
1:19:23Josh Earnest on fifth Iraqi base: “450 is the number that’s required to carry out the mission that has been expanded to Taqaddum air base”, “what is also true…”, Dempsey weighs in
1:23:49Amy Goodman “shaved ice from the remnants… um, from the remnants of…”
1:25:08CIA documents on pre-9/11 reluctance to assassinate bin Laden, 28 pages blackmail; Matt Lee grills spokeshole over Iran’s IAEA access agreement timeline, quotes Kerry
1:36:18WHO MERS advisory: avoid drinking camel urine; No Agenda camel pee shampoo
1:44:21Moral self-licensing via tampon selfies
1:47:42NPR on passport and visa “glitches”, no mention of Oracle; yet another Office of Personnel Management data breach; John Chambers to Charlie Rose on internet leadership: “you put the electricity of the whole country on the internet”, ACC: “don’t touch the modem, kids”, “disrupt or be disrupted” (CotD)
1:58:45Donation Segment
2:05:39HHS Sylvia Mathews Burwell: more deaths from overdoses than from car accidents, 259M opioid prescriptions in 2012, “let’s go to the solution space”: medical record sharing, “incredible hulk” naloxone use; ACC: “this week in flakka”
2:18:34The Weekly Hooker Report: $15 oral sex in Tokyo; child sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers
2:21:11News Hour NLP links painkiller abuse with “the case against generics”; STD’s on the rise in elder care homes thanks to Viagra
2:23:37Slick Rafael Iron Dome promo, i-HLS video with sweetened audio
2:32:59Dutch social studies textbook with picture of clawed Russia eating Ukraine; note from teacher using No Agenda CDs in social studies class, propaganda
2:39:35Obituary for CIA agent name publisher and Jim Garrison memoir publisher Ellen Ray
2:41:01Merkel cell phone tap investigation closed in Germany
2:42:01Botox chronic migraine advertisement: side effect? headache; ACC: Viagra defense
2:44:52JCD to meet John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man second edition