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72 Obama Denver & the New World Order (2009-02-15)

Show 72 album art
0:00:00Pre-produced opening with jingles
0:00:30JCD: “pouring” in California, three-day weekend, Presidents’ Day sales; JCD on Darwin Day and creationism trying to sneak in to education system, Discovery Institute, George Gilder, Atlas of Creation revisited; Obama’s single similarity to Lincoln
0:07:24Continental 3407 crash, 9/11 activist widow killed; Iridium 33 & “defunct” Kosmos-2251 satellite collision, Tom Ridge on Iridium board, Russian spy satellite and 3407 EMP theories; Wired on Pentagon’s 27k PR “Department of Truth” employees; Blackwater “Xe” rebranding, JCD: “X-E has got to be like some horrible god from Zoroastrianism”
0:19:13The Sun outs Putin as closet Abba fan
0:20:18Federal Reserve paper tracing economic crisis to 2005 “consumer protection” bankruptcy law preserving credit card debt; CNBC House of Cards explores post-9/11 interest rate manipulation; JCD on Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman and Grit TV’s “MILFy” Laura Flanders, ACC: “you are a total MILF seeker”, Fed buying Treasury bond-buying business as usual, “zombie banks”, AIG under indictment in UK, UK $30T in “toxic assets” estimates, ACC: “it could be a quadrillion”; Council on Foreign Relations helping “bankers take over the world”, “Brzezinski drinking club”, The Grand Chessboard; JCD on neo-liberals all-in on United Nations, CFR a Rockefeller outfit, membership requirements
0:38:56Obama signing stimulus bill in Denver, House resolution for 48-hour review window completely ignored, “buy American” section, JCD: “if it’s done by the Democrats there’s gotta be something in there for the hookers”, $7bn broadband stimulus
0:45:05Listeners misconstrue donation plans, $2 per month,; Xe symbol for element xenon according to chatroom, JCD gripes about xenon headlights
0:49:26Private jets at C-SPAN banker hearings, Pelosi’s Air Force 767, bankers and administration as mobsters, 50-year “jubilee” debt forgiveness from Leviticus, Matthew 6:12; “cripes” T-shirt, appeal for jingles and album art; JCD on linguiƧa’s “certain rotting taste”, recycling anecdotes, Saag’s bangers, ACC on crappy British food quality
1:02:49California tax and fee hikes to bail out state; Obama signing bailout bill in “headquarters of the New World Order” Denver, Northern Command and CIA operations center, airport weirdness, JCD on bottlenecks and parking scam, FBI counterterrorism operation, $4bn covered-up runway, creepy airport murals and Masonic time capsule, Stapleton runways destroyed, dead girl in coffin mural; Obama weekly address “save or create”, Robert Gibbs on Face the Nation: Denver “as good a place as any”, JCD: “I think he’s afraid to stay in Washington”
1:18:39ACC loses February 14 market 7286 wager; photo of “other Obama” with big butt outside Table 52, no sign of Michelle, ACC: “she’s in his trousers”
1:23:32Little chance of bank executive compensation being affected; Washington insiders allowed to travel on lobbyist planes for first-class fare, Obama’s 23 such trips; Democratic debate question on who arrived via private jet, Obama indecision, “yesterday”
1:27:40As-yet-unratified UN CRC Convention on the Rights of the Child treaty to prevent children from being spanked or homeschooled; pace of global warming exceeding 2007 estimates
1:31:11The Century of the Self, note from hypnotist: “boredom, confusion, and shock”, “Office of the President-elect”, pre-press conference music, cult of Mac
1:34:06Outro, JCD: post-show discussion “premium channel”, Howard Stern to start podcasting