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729 About Face! (2015-06-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “So this was the scam of the scams.” (0:14:36)
0:00:32Obama: climate change “one of my highest priorities”, using TPP; JCD: wood the ultimate renewable; ACC’s meeting with Rod Adams, Stanford “renewable revolution”, no backyard nuke fuel due to Russia sanctions, decommissioned submarines; EPA to regulate airline emissions; TSA failure to identify 73 watchlisted airport workers, mysterious airport jingling sound
0:16:06Six-Week Cycle: White House, TSA hearing bomb threats, Earnest dodges question about press relocation; USA FREEDOM Act “coincidences”: December OPM, Syrian hacks; Air Marshal testimony at TSA hearing: deputy Air Marshals, emergency shotguns, JCD: Brinks armored truck port, spontaneous human combustion
0:30:49Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder in DSM-5; “lintitis”, JCD: avoid dryer sheets
0:34:46Amy Goodman: wettest month on record “linked to climate change”, G7 “carbon elimination”, egregious Goodman headline run-together: “her death was confirmed by her partner Donna, an immigrant teenage mother”
0:40:51Earnest on mysterious Obama smokes: “he does not”; “Grüß Gott”
0:44:17Proposed WTC 2 “stairway to heaven”
0:46:42Google “smear window” for leap second due to climatic effects; “make it a great day, enjoy”
0:48:27JMD’s friend increasingly seeing hexagons everywhere; JCD “to an extreme” medley
0:51:46Producer Segment: ACC heading to Ham-Com; No Agenda Player show notes integration
1:06:14News Hour leads with market news; Deutsche Bank resignations; South Korean interest rate lowered because of MERS, huge Asian malls; Max Keiser on Greece: “this is what happens when you scapegoat a population, steal all their money, and start putting them into camps, and then exterminate them”; Bilderberg agenda, Seed Man: “ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer!
1:14:58Theresa May on new British antiterrorism legislation; State Department 50-person counter-messaging campaign @ThinkAgain_DOS, former head: “magic social media … pixie dust”; ISIS vs mercenary trigger discipline; ACC on “about face!” trip to Iraqi training camp, Operation Iraqi Sunrise; Obama “no complete strategy” meme, Zakaria: “technocratic problem”
1:37:40News Hour melodrama with Panetta, Zinni, Flournoy, & Bacevich: Panetta homeland meme, no question “that our national security interests are involved here, otherwise why would we even be there in the first place?”, Syria punchline; Khamenei: ISIS like US federal police
1:53:09Economic hit man in Burma, headed back to Africa
1:55:49Tech News: Apple Music antitrust investigations, Spotify benefits labels while Apple benefits artists, Spotlight enhancements as assault on Google, anti-Google culture due to Android rip-off; net neutrality kicks in tomorrow
2:06:08Donation Segment: $68.84 Richard Quest donation
2:19:31Greta Van Susteren’s strange mouth; Al Sharpton called out as a pimp in Hartford; Seinfeld on political correctness in comedy, “gay French king”; Ellen Pao on subreddit bans, “free speech” vs “free expression”, on fake accounts: “we have ways of finding them”
2:32:29Former FIFA vice president accused of diverting Haiti Earthquake funds
2:34:04Elon Musk to provide internet from space; escaped inmates “getting even more dasperate”, manhunt a Watertown repeat
2:36:34Anti-government demonstrations in Ukraine; 2006 Belarus national security emergency extended; headline: “how mac & cheese destroyed a Toronto neighborhood”, JCD: “mac & cheese vomit: the worst”