Call Clooney!

728 It’s the Mold! (2015-06-07)

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0:00:00JCD/ACC “yeah no” medley (1:44:25)
0:00:38ACC mold update
0:02:33Pamela Geller reaction to beheading plot: “Islamic terrorism is here”, positive results from “Garland jihad shooting”: thousand mile trip for shooters, “I understand the enemy”, “enormous amount of intel” from computers, Boston police “superb job”; heard about plot from CNN, secret meeting with officials, attack by Tsarnaev and Awlaki mosque; to Cuomo: “they’re going to come for you, too, Chris”; TSA becoming “über-douches” in wake of “red team” fail
0:13:40Sweaty Rick Perry; Jeb Bush PATRIOT Act recap; ACC’s ready for Hillary poster
0:15:48Supposedly China-originated Federal employee data “hack”, PBS: “their goal: to find and potentially recruit spies inside the US government”, “does that come with hookers?” recruitment skit; Dennis Hastert blackmail proof of concept, nine-year-old allegation media fail
0:23:58Bill Maher’s Catelyn Jenner bigotry, JCD vasectomy analysis, “gay seems so simple now!”; ACC: do we use “she” in the past tense for Olympic medals?, “Catelyn, call a sistuh if you want to run for office, I got yo’ back”; Maher on ISIS pigeon breeding ban, ISIS now following ACC’s advice and throwing gays off buildings, headquarters bombing thanks to ISIS selfie
0:39:30The War on Chicken: bird flu impact on egg prices; ACC on women’s food texture aversions
0:45:53Tech News: JCD on *.science TLD spam origin
0:48:14Producer Segment
0:57:21NOAA global warming pause data “glitch” fix, “bias correction” methodology for “temperature anomalies”, “empirical orthogonal telecorrections”; coauthor James McMahon of huge consulting NGO LMI, $132M from DoD in 2013, $104M in salaries; 2°C the new 350ppm; JCD on mind control experiment, social media trolls and celebreties
1:23:02New EU European External Action Service to counter Russian Ukraine propaganda; Turner-funded UN Foundation’s “squadron of journalists and subsidized media content in 33 countries”, promo video, five-day training courses in UN jargon translation for journalists
1:32:44Chocolate for weight loss media-bait hoax, “journalists are lazy”
1:35:05Donation Segment: Samsung Galaxy advertisement “yeah no”
1:47:30Obama “punches above its weight”, “strongest allies” medley; US soccer win vs Netherlands
1:51:42Jade Helm Blackhawk in Austin, explosions in Flint MI, City spokeshole: “we obviously have to respect the Army’s wishes”; Denver shoplifter hideout demolished by police “paramilitary thugs”; New York citizen mugger takedown
2:01:14Democracy Now elaborates on Red Cross Haiti false claims, “boost employee salaries” story
2:03:12Trevor Aaronson TED talk on FBI terrorism; ACC Martha Stewart meme appropriation; Khairullozhori Matanov charged under Sarbanes-Oxley for clearing browser history; Deutche Bank co-CEO resignations; PayPal scam resolution vs FBI Nigerian e-mails; Snowden on surveillance increase, “spiking the football” NYT op-ed; fishy root certificates in iOS beta
2:17:29Hillary’s push for automatic voter registration, JCD: “prelude to internet voting”
2:20:10Rose and “drool-face” Goodman botch EPA fracking report, consumption vs contamination
2:25:33Lavrov on possible 30 years of sanctions, Putin’s actual opinion on FIFA, on Greece: “you are contaminated by the American philosophy, you always want to tell people what to do”
2:32:55Student loan strike over predatory Corinthian Colleges lending
2:34:11Catherine Herridge story on “Taliban five” recruiting failure
2:38:11Feminist award for Miss Piggy from Gloria Steinem