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727 Win By Losing (2015-06-04)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey, I know a lot of really hot sixty-five-year-old women!”
JCD: “Fine!” (1:48:34)
0:00:33ACC overcome by black mold
0:03:03Live anthrax spores sent to 51 laboratories, contracts for anthrax detection systems
0:07:31Six-Week Cycle: TSA “failed miserably” at detecting 95% of tests, Jeh Johnson demands answers at TSA headquarters; PATRIOT Act expiration, USA Freedom Act passage; Comey’s “long, tricky game”, hoax airport bomb threats, FBI investigation, NSA drops the ball again, unquestioned; Usaamah Rahim’s “allegedly sinister and gruesome” Pamela Geller beheading plot, FBI intercepts Amazon package with knife and sharpener; community leader on video: “I would 100% collaborate with what the commission had just stated”; Geller to Burnett: “showdown for American freedom”, “ISIS is here”, on SPLC: “really, Erin?”; “King Pils” to Obama on the “Rosies” (the Riveters), “facing ISIL”; Amanpour: not taking ISIS seriously enough, comedians defeating ISIS; Harf on Assad-ISIS alliance, JCD: “this is a very interesting trickedy-doo thing here”, Dawlat Al Islam Qamat anthem revisited
0:37:02FIFA “king makers” force Blatter resignation, Canada trip cancellations for fear of extradition; dry run for IOC takedown, Bill Clinton’s World Cup 2022 involvement, IOC cease and desists in Olympic Peninsula, ACC predicts IOC sex scandals
0:46:43Producer Segment: the No Agenda Club for all show number donations
1:08:14Santorum to Pope: “the church has gotten it wrong a few times on science”, Alex Wagner: “perhaps Mr. Santorum should work on his own science cred before taking on the Pope”; Richard Horton The Lancet article *What is Medicine’s 5 Sigma?“ on incorrect scientific papers; Obama Starbucks cup speech to South Asian students, ”the United States is the most respected country on earth“, ”I will never engage in a politics in which I’m trying to divide people“, enforced gender alternation for question askers
1:27:13Lindsey Graham Presidential bid: “there are no moderates in Iran”; Jeb Bush on Bob Schieffer Meet the Press send-off: “not a shred of evidence that the metadata program has violated anybody’s civil liberties”, “protect the homeland” number one duty, ISIS greatest threat to national security; NBC on “vanity candidates”, “win even by losing”
1:36:32Amy Goodman “Abercrombie & Finch” Supreme Court hijab case; CVC’s part time job
1:39:29Don’t participate in ice bucket challenge chain letter: motor neuron disease diagnosis
1:43:45Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair article, Twitter “world record”; MSNBC: “woman” excludes trans men in abortion discussions, “gender-neutral language”, Grace and Frankie
1:54:34Donation Segment: ISIS signet rings confiscated; Quigley Tragedy & Hope PDF available
2:07:12NPR: only six permanent homes built with American Red Cross funds in Haiti, possible Clinton smokescreen
2:13:03Sheryl Sandberg Facebook post: Goldberg’s instant death vs weak vital signs story
2:15:55Strange earth noises confirmed by NASA, JCD on distant booms; Michelle “Renaissance fair wench” Thaller dancing video, ACC: it’s a fetish, JCD on sex and furry costumes; 257 female porn stars removed from, JCD’s Online! The Book on dating site fraud; life sentence for Dread Pirate Roberts; JCD on real estate 2017 collapse insurance, new CBS “poverty porn” show The Briefcase, JCD recommends Mr. Robot (again)
2:36:01ISIS push in Aleppo, Syrian military accused of collaboration
2:37:00White House rejects Snowden amnesty, cut loose by CIA