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726 Weather Whiplash (2015-05-31)

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0:00:00JCD: “Augh, naw, that’s not him!”
0:00:33More flooding in Texas, “weather whiplash”, “climate change is stretching out our variability”, Bill Nye “ready to fight the haters”, “many conservative climate change deniers went berserk over his post”, “documented denier” Ted Cruz, Nye tweet: “no weather-caster may utter the phrase Climate Change”, cigarettes and cancer meme, on hurricanes: “it’s very difficult to connect any one weather event to this global phenomenon”, hurricanes “decapitated” off African coast
0:18:06University of Colorado science denial panel, Michelle “Renaissance fair wench” Thaller on 2012 apocalypse, “whole cloth made-up”, “we’re trying to draw back into our skills as storytellers”; Chip Berlet “haiku for climate change”, right-wingers believe “climate scientists are all agents of Satan”, JCD: “this guy is an out and out bigot”, end-times mentality, largest Republicam voting bloc “conservative fundamentalists and evangelicals”, “corporate profiteers who … are gonna finish their Château Latour before the earth turns into a dustbin”, “tiny group of anarcho-libertarians who just read conspiracy theory websites”, apocalypse as self-fulfilling prophecy, “abortion is sin and gay people should be shot”, “shit in your own kitchen”
0:56:36Producer Segment
1:19:41National {Caribbean-American Heritage, African-American Music Appreciation, Oceans, Great Outdoors, LGBT Pride} Month; Science Magazine gay canvasser article retraction over missing data,; Marco Rubio on gay marriage war on religion, Pelosi rebuttal
1:30:12FIFA: Palestine drops bid to suspend Israel; Barclay’s and HSBC implicated; RT’s Katie Pilbeam: Sepp Blatter “RT’s newly-reelected boss”, “curiously enough, American journalists arrived in advance to witness the arrests at the Zurich hotel”; ongoing LIBOR trial
1:37:38Dennis Hastert indicted for withdrawing blackmail money in under-$10k increments
1:41:23JCD debunks government inflation numbers based on airplane, wine, and car prices
1:49:40Another “greatest responsibility” Obama podcast pushing USA Freedom Act: “we can seek a wiretap on so-called lone wolves”, “these tools are not controversial”; “thanks guys” journalist eviction (CotD); new push for British “snooper’s charter”, UN: encryption a human right, London radicalization survey for twelve-year-olds, EU Strategy for Combating Radicalisation and Recruitment: “ensure that voices of mainstream opinion prevail over those of extremism”; Lindsey Graham on Iraq success: “I didn’t hear it so just say no
2:07:11Rapiscan Systems’ Christopher Romig now on House Homeland Security Subcommittee; TSA testing facial recognition, ACC: “this technology will not work for the shape-shifting Jews”
2:13:29Donation Segment
2:27:18IRS hacked by Russians, $2.3bn in fraudulent returns
2:29:15Jeremy Piven Entourage pseudo-feud with Al Roker
2:31:52Tech News: correct pronunciation of “Carnegie” first-syllable stress; FCC to study Verizon broadband subsidy for the poor; Buzzkill Jr.’s Amazon Echo; ACC’s stoner award; McLaughlin Group final prediction: “the violent crime rate in America’s metropolitan areas will spike this summer — bye bye!”; Mikheil Saakashvili appointed Southern Odessa governor; Russian travel blacklist; British nuclear submarine whistleblower; North Korea’s military hackers can destroy cities; JCD recommends Mr. Robot; “volatile cedar” cyber-espionage program
2:47:13Kerry’s bicycle accident; MDMA for terminal patient anxiety
2:49:47ISIS Baghdad hotel car bombings; Six-Week Cycle coming up