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725 Cricket Flour (2015-05-28)

Show 725 album art
0:00:00JCD: “And so you buy these intangibles and you get nothing, really.” (1:37:01)
0:00:33Rainsticks for California, “heat wave and floods”, fossil fuel protests, University of Hawaii divestiture, Chris Matthews: “increasing heavy rain, and snow events, and more intense droughts, all at the same time”, Columbia University guy: “this is gonna be the hottest year on record”, NOAA hurricane drought prediction, the end of “weather isn’t climate”; Obama Coast Guard “dereliction of duty”; Young Turks on Tea Partiers “who’ve grown up and just don’t trust what trained professionals are saying”; Jules Feiffer on origin of government distrust on the left with nuclear testing, “Question Authority”, PBS Standing on Sacred Ground: “fighting intolerance and climate change”; Neil deGrasse Tyson to Charlie Rose: “invest your brain energy to recognize when something is fringe”, Carl Sagan on scientific skepticism; Bill Nye: “that just makes no fucking sense”; Seed Man: “get out of the damn coma!”; National Geographic science-doubting article; deGrasse Tyson: moon landing an act of war, world war story pitch, Rose: “tell us what an asteroid is”, ACC “tech hornies”
0:43:37Producer Segment: new Scott McKenzie story Conscience For Sale
0:56:10US Attorney General has Adam’s weed?
0:59:50Queen to Parliament: “my government will…”, EU renegotiation vs in/out vote; EU military to intercept refugees migrants; Thom Hartmann: toxic Chinese cat food killed Higgins; JCD: Michael Butler learning butchering; Newsletter “your best anal…” subject line cutoff
1:17:05Loretta Lynn Lynch goes after FIFA, payback for Qatar 2022, Swiss housecleaning, raids in Zurich and Miami, Qatar 124° temperatures; Lynch “sports marketers”, bribes from “a major US sportswear company”, Comey weighs in, infographic; possible Clinton Initiative connection, call for Blatter resignation for support of Russia 2018, Palestinian call for Israel FIFA suspension; ACC: why no ISIS in Israel?
1:36:03Minneapolis Walker Art Center “intangibles” as artistic experiences, “zip drive” full of images
1:41:07Chocolate zucchini cupcakes with cricket flour
1:42:56Hillary “news making”: “I’ve been coloring my hair for years” to cackling audience; Castro brother as possible running mate; Pataki announcement, surplus campaign fund rollovers
1:48:34Lynch pre-FIFA FISA announcement in favor of USA Freedom Act; Section 102 emergency authority, Section 105 indemnification, Section 106 compensation, Section 701 sunset bump
1:55:16Donation Segment: ACC 14C reflector post Ham Nation net checkin
2:08:18Tech News: Reddit bullying crackdown, TOR funding partner; Singaporean Airbus 330 dual engine failure: “maybe this was a glitch in the program”; iPhone text message crash; JCD IoT article Surveillance State in Disguise; Vint Cerf on MCI Mail shutdown, IPv6 for IoT, router “buffer bloat” network congestion; Cisco: half of world population digitally connected in five years; Paul Krugman article The Big Meh: zero contribution to economy since 1980’s; SpaceX certified for military launches, Airbus vs Boeing space wars; Slack Hushmail invitation
2:32:25Frontline follows up torture story with boots on the ground chlorine gas propaganda
2:34:29Bob Woodward: Bush was a WMD skeptic, “momentum” took us into Iraq
2:37:16Memorial Day parade drone crash; Six-Week Cycle, Patriot Act sunset on June 1, EMP meme; hostage Cantlie’s new article in Dabiq, JCD: “that’s a bad name, sounds like a fountain pen company”, ISIS to acquire a nuke; Aurora Joker shooter’s crazy notebook; South China Sea spy plane debunked by producers, JCD: “there is no Chinese navy”
2:42:14Kelly Rippa on kids’ money-less “life experience trip”