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723 Axe Man (2015-05-21)

Show 723 album art
0:00:00JCD: “I think a lot of it has to do with the texture of the meat, and the flavor. (2:23:20)
0:00:34JCD “brown goo” overcast; opening do-over; ACC in New York for Fleet Week, It’s Only a Play with selfie sticks, JCD at Golden Gate Bridge “selfie stick central”
0:09:10Letterman’s final show, degraded quality of archival material, ACC “fifteen minutes of legacy”, few surviving Ampex 2-inch machines for years of material; JCD’s new Tascam DAT
0:13:58FBI ISIS warnings for New Jersey high schoolers; “trigger warnings”; NCIS “crude version of Morse code” terrorist messages embedded in music
0:21:33Bin Laden’s bookshelf, explicit Seymour Hersh disclaimer, “CEO of al-Qaeda central”, online membership application: “who to contact if you become a martyr”, “treasure trove”, “Abbottabad” first syllable stress, “favorite wife”, other wife to remove fillings as possible Iranian trackers; Mike Morell grilled by Chris Matthews on Bush-Cheney briefings; Hillary: “I made a mistake, plain and simple” on Iraq war support; Morell: “… we think you’re wrong, right?”; Bush “hatchet man” Cheney; Morell on $25M payoff: “um, not going to answer that question”, burial at sea, Usama selfies, “I watched the video and I saw pictures”
0:52:39Catherine Herridge on DIA memo: Benghazi planned ten days in advance for 9/11, ISIS rise predicted, gun running to Syria, Morell on CIA tracking it: “can’t talk about that”, “yes, we played no role — now, whether we were watching other people do it, I can’t talk about it”
0:59:27Producer Segment
1:06:34“How to fix this” questions, multi-million-dollar crowd funding examples, local activism
1:12:37Aviation insider note: accessing avionics from entertainment system impossible; Chris Roberts on Security Weekly podcast: “called bullshit” on GAO report via Twitter; “obviously you’ve got the iPad issues”; previously worked for FBI veteran Kevin Knierim at Cyopsis LLC; DHS I.G. John Roth on $3.7M for TSA background checks a “massive, massive challenge”
1:33:37RIAA, MPAA lawsuit dry-up, Spotify adding video and podcasts of IPO, JCD explains $8.4bn “valuation”; Trannies on Acid extortion business
1:39:51New “flakka” drug and LAX security run-through: “he had a strange smile on his face the entire time”; new heroin synthesis, ACC: “we won’t need any more wars”; cocaine “booger sugar” protocols and Rand Paul filibuster, separation of powers collapse and Executive “behemoth”
1:53:00New Obama Twitter account; “we can’t then axe the police to be the ones to solve the problem”
1:55:11Donation Segment: ACC saw The Seed Man at Bar Chi Sushi
2:08:37Bill Nye cites Constitution Article 1 Section 8 “science and the useful arts” at Rutgers commencement; Obama to Coast Guard Academy: “the science is indisputable”, CO2 800k year high, Charleston flooding at high tide (chatroom: it’s below sea level), naval bases to be “swamped”; Impossible Foods CEO on “hard core meat eaters”, animal farming “single biggest environmental threat in the world today”, 4k glasses of water per person per day; Nigerian restaurant shut down for serving “long pig” human flesh
2:28:14Upcoming Irish referendum on gay marriage, ACC demands Apple pull-out if voted down
2:30:27ISIS in Palmyra; Khamenei: no nuclear scientist interviews; Iran vs Saudis on Yemeni relief
2:34:35CNN on P-8A Poseidon “classified US intelligence flights”: “this is Chinese Navy, please go away quickly”; North Korea cancels Ban Ki-moon’s Kaesong park visit, execution over military food supplies; Ash Carter on Russian Pentagon computer attack; Morell on foreign governments in Obama’s unclassified e-mail
2:48:56Double mastectomy, hysterectomy from son’s DNA test, Color Genomics $249 test promotion