Call Clooney!

722 Moral Debt (2015-05-17)

Show 722 album art
0:00:00JCD: “Ayy ayy ayy, how ya doin’?” (2:33:31)
0:00:32JCD “chewin’ and shakin’” airline peanut-eating gripe
0:04:13Chris Roberts airline “hacking” incident FBI warrant: CLB “climb” command to one engine, “thrust management computer” vs FADEC
0:13:41Amtrak 188 derailment: FBI investigating windshield breakage, three trains possibly hit by projectiles, engineer concussion; Chris Matthews: Republicans “treat trains like Hispanics”
0:18:24Jeh Johnson to Greta Van Susteren: police front line of defense against ISIS “given how the global terrorist threat is evolving”, “vertical information sharing” with local law enforcement, lone wolf “independent actor” “doesn’t accept orders overseas”; Mike Morell: “in time, they are gonna be able to come here and conduct a 9/11 style attack”; Barbara Starr: ISIS “using the cyber world as a weapon”, #texasattack, RAND Corporation expert on “deep web”, “Pentagon scientists plan to go in and chase ISIS down”, ACC: “FTP me to the dark web”, MEMEX search engine
0:37:00ISIS Abu Sayyaf killed, wife in custody, “slave” rescued, “a no kidding old-school firefight”; Ash Carter on 1500 more boots on the ground; Sayyaf not on Rewards for Justice list; Jerry Boykin to Jeanine Pirro: Sayyaf’s wife a “treasure trove of information”, “she will talk” (CotD)
0:51:56Producer Segment: end of show “by the way” jingle
1:04:37World Trade Week, Armed Forces Day, {Emergency Medical Services, National Safe Boating} Week, “paddle in Seattle” protest, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia
1:08:06Dayton Hamvention, ACC: “I’d love to go but I couldn’t get the wheelchair and oxygen in time”; government not required to disclose Standard Operating Procedure 303 emergency cell service deactivation plan; ACC demonstrates new Amazon Echo reordering feature
1:14:01Stephanopoulos apology for not disclosing Clinton donations, ACC: “fall on the sword, George
1:18:40Nuland visiting Russia for Ukraine talks; Radio Free Europe on Poroshenko corruption; Turkish Stream pipeline, possible Macedonian color revolution; Putin podcast: Chechnya terror backed by CIA; anti-Russia NATO exercises; drunk NATO ministers singing We Are the World
1:27:01JCD passes out No Agenda disc with 2013 highlights; former Obama law student on unelected judges vs Obamacare; Indian vs Indian proxy war in War of 1812
1:33:51McDonald’s lispy gay voiceover for sirloin burger; ACC Field Day PSA
1:38:26Death sentence for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, CNBC: “we could be talking about ten years”; Governor on backpack video; Let the Fire Burn Move bombing documentary,
1:44:58Hollande in cuba, accidental Haiti reparation promise, “moral debt due to slavery”
1:49:34FCC ruling to limit joint sales agreements to screw local news outfits
1:53:38Broccoli aphids — “ginormous bugs” — in school cafeteria; “crickets are the new kale”; JCD sandwich fly photo in school paper
1:58:13Donation Segment: JCD Macon, GA gas station foot-high zapped bug pile
2:13:44Second Half of Show: Columbia University professor on dangers of electromagnetic radiation, petition to UN; ACC RF burn from eight Watts
2:21:03FAA drone regulations requiring line of sight, 500-foot ceiling
2:24:58Great Britain, Ireland, Denmark exempt from EU refugee quota; Danish Central Bank to stop printing money; Telegraph: ban cash to prevent “boom and bust”; Bitcoin analysts
2:34:56Debate over selling San Quentin
2:37:31Eurovision Song Contest prediction: Armenia or Denmark