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721 Effer in the P Me (2015-05-14)

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0:00:00ACC: “Public radio is ready for capitalism!” (1:01:33)
0:00:33JCD in Port Angeles to see Puddles Pity Party; Austin rain; Facebook rage quitting
0:05:00Amtrak derailment amid funding battle; 30 year anniversary of Philadelphia Move bombing by police, survivor Ramona Africa on hoses, tear gas, shooting; May 8 FBI warning about stolen derailers; Luke Russert on Congressional staffers “desperately” using D.C.’s Metro
0:18:13Vergara-Loeb female embryos follow-up; Nigel Farage withdraws resignation, as predicted
0:19:45New British counterterrorism bill, police approval required for social media posts; BBC interviewer to Theresa May: “a law that says these are our values, and if you don’t agree with them, then … are you going to jail them?” ACC: “this legislation could be solely created just to arrest Nigel Farage”; Prince Charles’ newly-published letters vs royal neutrality
0:34:46Seymour Hersh bin Laden story, Pooper: “what you’re alleging is a massive conspiracy involving what would have to be dozens of people”; courier thesis of Zero Dark Thirty vs Pakistani walk-in; R.J. Hillhouse “plagiarism”; Josh Earnest on Mike Morell’s “every sentence was wrong” assertion; Democrats loved Hersh when he was Bush-bashing; Peter Bergen on raid as “performance art”; Hillhouse credit fail
0:59:47Knight Foundation $1M Radiotopia investment, Ira Glass “ready for capitalism”
1:04:43Producer Segment
1:10:15Hurricane “drought” “basically boils down to luck”; John Christy on fitting climate models
1:17:46Verizon America Online acquisition as FCC $9bn broadband subsidy grab
1:23:50Keith Olbermann on bought-and-paid-for NFL salutes to military, “prepaid patriotism”
1:27:04Monica Crowley on North Korean Defense Minister’s execution via anti-aircraft gun: “this is how communist dictatorships behave”, random satellite photo of site
1:32:15USA Freedom Act as setup for more spying thanks to indemnified companies like FireEye; Frederick Kagan report on Iranian cyberthreat, collaboration with phony attack map creator Norse Corporation, “collecting information” = attack, attacker “can do an enormous amount of damage to our critical infrastructure, and cause a lot of people to die”; Steven Kim released
1:48:07Obama on Fox News’ “effort to suggest that the poor are sponges, leeches”, hedge fund managers “society’s lottery winners”; Arne Duncan on schools “with a wide variety of after-school programming”, public boarding schools; Blackish “Junior is a Republican”; CSI: Cyber renewed, NCIS competing agendas, Minority Report premise change; Obama library to be on Chicago’s South Side; kid’s show “Adam has the apple now”
2:09:32Donation Segment: student teacher doing “breaking the media mind control” unit
2:20:38Warren-Obama trade promotion authority feud; Barbara Boxer on TPP security; Obama’s “insult” calling Warren a politician; CNN panel gives Rodham brothers a pass; Harriet Tubman proposed $20 bill replacement; Santorum: “bomb them back to the seventh century”
2:39:25Vienna hosting Eurovision Song Contest with new LGBBTQQIAAP street crossing signs; ISIS making gay passes to find victims; Swedish anti-Putin gay “singing sailor”; Kerry in Russia
2:46:00Effer in the P me live on TV”; miscreant fired for sexual harassment
2:50:04Retired Gen. Mark Hertling on “posse comititis”
2:51:34Matt Kenny cleared in Madison, WI Tony Robinson shooting
2:53:18Arab leaders’ Iran summit Obama snub, “a couple of them, quote, didn’t feel like it
2:55:20Cuban lung cancer “vaccine”; Kissinger on Theranos board; anti-ICD-10 HR 2126
2:58:49Tech News: Mozilla Foundation to deprecate HTTP in favor of HTTPS,