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71 Be-Wilder-Ment & The Queen (2009-02-12)

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0:00:00Geoff Smith “it’s Crackpot and Buzzkill” and “In the Morning” jingles, Morning Zoo radio stations, JCD “nothing but complaining” nunnery joke
0:04:08ACC’s visit to Buckingham Palace: Wi-Fi in car, Google Latitude broadcasting location, Dutch Masters on holding area walls, conspicuously branded LG plasma display, “I could’ve had a fucking Uzi in my ass”, “I looked her right in the eye, said pull my finger”, no protocol instructions, “pleasure to meet you, ma’am”, chromakey green suit, Tim Berners-Lee remarks, JCD Telluride altitude sickness story, palace panoramas, Berners-Lee World Wide Web Foundation, “it’s weird talking to the Queen”
0:20:39Open invitation from British Library director, no white gloves for Gutenberg Bibles, Stephen Fry documentary; ACC looking at artwork on the way out, “just point out which one you’d like, we’ll wrap it up and you can take it home”, bathroom letdown, Blinks CEO; list of Commonwealth realms, Tuvalu .tv TLD, Patricia irked at not being included, ACC: “flying on EasyJet has ten times the security than getting into Buckingham Palace”
0:33:50UK banks yanking overdraft protection; Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, and Donald Tusk at Munich Security Conference, JCD: Sarkozy “little Napoleon”, all-in on European army, “the America we want”, French soldiers in Germany and vice versa, police swapping, “idiot” Merkel all-in with chicken farmers, “Helsinger Plus” mystery; C-SPAN bumps Biden for deputy attorney general debate; ACC on French “northern stop” attitude to Netherlands and Belgium, JCD on British “mean-spirited” attitude toward the French
0:47:19UK Home Office denies entry to Geert Wilders over Fitna video, ACC on EU passport control, “I hope she’s home because I’m really hungry” joke; JCD on radicalization of Pakistan; CNBC Fairness Doctrine chatter increasing, Rush Limbaugh “lightning rod”, failed Air America, “borderline communist” Pacifica Radio, JCD on strategy of pitting sane vs insane debate participants against each other, Rush Limbaugh sidekick
0:59:01Interpol global security alert for 85 al-Qaeda-linked terrorists; Australian bush fires on the Slingbox; Eric Schmidt on David Cameron’s economic team; JCD on “smart grid” advertising
1:07:09Stimulus bill electronic medical records provision, “make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective”, JCD on insurance company meddling, shoddy state of the art in medical records, medical record ownership; eight states invoking Tenth Amendment, Census appropriated by Rahm Emanuel, JCD on gerrymandering
1:16:06ACC on double swearing-in conspiracy theory: deliberate flub by Roberts, Commander-in-Chief Robert Gates military purge
1:19:17DH Unplugged and Harry Markopolos’ background in special ops; finance ministers bailing out; Florida “mini-Madoff” roughed up by police; ACC rant against central bankers; ACC Federal Reserve interest smoking gun revisited, Fed buying treasuries
1:30:43Paraguay report from listener: newspapers comparing Obama to Hitler, Goebbels’ papers online, US WWI propaganda mastery; Geithner “no plan”, 30-year T-note tanked on “October surprise” day; JCD rug-cleaner phone call; GOP defectors Spector and Snow
1:40:20Outro: JCD repeating No Agenda topics on TWiT; donation funding model