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717 Juice Jacking (2015-04-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “Baltimore’s a shithole, let’s start with that.” (0:51:05)
0:00:33May “Masturbation Month”; ACC at “star party” for music & astronomy; Leo: “I can actually go see the dark side of the Moon and verify that Adam Curry’s wrong
0:08:43Note on Newsletter photos: standing and firing gun with bipod “makes them feel cool”
0:10:26“But at work, it’s the President and [Reggie] Love who play the role of the old married couple”
0:11:43Baltimore “thugs and misguided young people”, leadership black and Democrat since 1967, voter registration forms; Councilman: “so calling them thugs… just call them niggers”; white Maryland Governor front & center; MSNBC: “the T-word is the new N-word”, ACC: “tits just called, they’re pissed off”; Brooke Baldwin’s “please, let’s move on” apology for calling veterans “ready to do battle”; MSNBC: “white supremacy is so insidious and ingrained … you don’t even have to have a white person around”; Mayor tries to explain away “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well”, police chief: crackdown makes it worse
0:37:07Black mother whup-ass “at the end of the day” montage; black vs white “go mom” vs “call CPS”; black liberation theology; Rachel Maddow on police “out of control” throwing projectiles back; gang member to Touré on blood/crip alliance: “we’ve made ties with the right political officials”; stadium placement, The Wire
0:53:23Producer Segment: Über-recording legality: single-party consent in Texas
1:20:45Jeh Johnson to Rand Paul on NSA collection: “that is beyond my competence as the Secretary of Homeland Security to answer in any intelligent legal way”, Paul: “if you have a warrant, I’m fine with you getting and unencrypting data from people”; “hands clapping, thumbs up”
1:26:53Bill Clinton pumphead confirmed; to Larry King: no Parkinson’s; emergency landing in Tanzania; Stephanopoulos on Clinton Cash; journalists have stumbled onto form 990; Clinton Justra Enterprise Partnership donors; advance warning from publishing industry moles
1:37:55Holder on legacy: “this department is restored — it’s restored to what it always was … and what it must always be: free of politicization”
1:41:02For Sunday: interview with pilot on Germanwings crash; American Airlines iPad “glitch”
1:43:40Lackluster history, civics, geography in 8th grade, Cooke Wonderful World clip
1:45:25Rumors of Jerry Brown for President, dramatic greenhouse gas cut, California Über Alles
1:47:346400 missing Lois Lerner e-mails found; Boston “never seen before” Tsarnaev finger video
1:53:18Earnest on Jade Helm 15: “my understanding is that the individuals who are participating in the exercise won’t be traveling incognito, that they will be warning armbands”
1:56:59SCOTUS on gay marriage: Alito raises specter of four-way marriage
2:02:22Armenian genocide: Young Turks revisited, Producer Joe: monuments & reparations; pipeline through Armenia and Azerbaijan; Kurdish involvement; German schism, “they still hate them”
2:14:00Donation Segment
2:25:46CSI: Cyber “FBI! everyone unplug!” as fat programmer explains “juice jacking”; Facebook friends API shut down; LinkedIn app contact scanning; Apple Watch = slave bracelet; NPR money show “ginormous”, “bajillion”; FCC to approve 2200 meter amateur band, VHF/HF bridge in Nepal, 14.205 MHz on; JCD on Rand Paul answering machine
2:42:00Robert Kennedy Jr. to Maher on thimerosal in vaccines: “biggest vector of mercury in American children”, “ADD, ADHD, speech delay, language delay, hyperactivity disorder, ASD, and autism”, CDC “cesspool of corruption”, 271 vaccines in pipeline, Paul Offit rotavirus patent
2:55:26Pope Francis all-in on equal pay for women