Call Clooney!

716 The Portal (2015-04-26)

Show 716 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Oh my God, that’s a Republican lesbian!” (1:38:53)
0:00:34BitTorrent Sync 2 broken; JCD Segway spinning incident, ACC’s $500 valuation at customs, used at Belgian castle; ACC’s witch doctor house clearing, negative studio energy, bedroom portal, Pipelines and Pedophiles book, Trail of Tears tour; Austin Food and Wine Festival
0:12:19CNN White House Correspondents’ Dinner coverage: if you want Baltimore news, go to Twitter; Marie Harf arrived with Brolf; Obama anger translator skit; Cecily Strong routine: “a Libertarian is just a Republican that you have to block on Twitter”, mein Lieder Michelle; ACC on Michelle’s dress: “it completely obfuscated that fact that she’s a dude”; Jason Rezaian meme; drone strike apology, American killed in 2002 Yemen drone strike, economic hit man Warren Weinstein, Jeh Johnson: “we hit unintended unintended um… objects, human beings”
0:38:36Ask Adam: Diamonds Are Forever Amstel scene with Magere Brug “Skinny Bridge”
0:42:45Über Spies: “No Agenda fact checking department” skit, “smokin’ hot” Nicaraguan driver, electrical generation all Chinese-owned, brother’s eminent domain fight, moved to US because of Ortega; “nothing good happens after midnight”
0:56:41Producer Segment: producerships on LinkedIn
1:08:04Clinton form 990 resubmission scandal, Uranium One sale to Russia for $2.3M donation, Hillary in New York Times crosshairs; “conservative writer” Peter Schweitzer book Clinton Cash; ACC story on gap-toothed Patricia hit on by Bill Clinton, “pumphead” brain damage from heart surgery, gooey-mouthed Bill on Gates Foundation; ACC to interview Planned Parenthood canvassers about Margaret Sanger
1:32:57Bruce Jenner coming-out a brilliant population-reduction coup, Sawyer: “do you have a song?”, CVC: Jenner’s sister a Republican lesbian, Sawyer: “are you a Republican??”; News Hour on SMASS, Sexual Minorities and Straight Supporters, depression from gender conformity issues; CVC predicts a Jenner “flip”; Atrazine sexual side-effects; Harvard Professor Alex Myers; dangers of sexual identity early intervention; Bubble Guppies: “tickets are a reminder that you have to follow the rules”
1:56:27Bill Nye Obama interview; cooling effects of volcanic eruptions; Nye: “ten years old is about as old as you can be to get the so-called lifelong passion for science”, Obama on “climate denier clubs” in Congress; upcoming O-bot dinner; Beatles “Hello, Goodbye” “Yeah No” jingle
2:07:48Donation Segment
2:16:40Boko Haram rebranded to Islamic State in West Africa; Australian terror plot foiled, “all you need these days is a knife, a flag, and a camera, and one can commit a terrorist act”; Italian arrests for “post-crime” Vatican attacks
2:20:43Obama Armenian Remembrance Day statement thanks to Pope Francis, Erdoğan response; Three Pashas, Talaat Pasha, “Kurds killed them” meme, origin of “young Turks”
2:33:06Second Half of Show: former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer on eighty species of alien life, “Nordic blondes” & “tall whites”; JCD recommends Corso’s The Day After Roswell; ACC: “I think all parents should allow their freedom to transition to the alien they are”; Nordic women’s extra vertebra; Reggie Love callback on non-sweating Obama, Hillary
2:44:15Denial of service attack on Common Core tests conducted by Prometric in Minnesota; JCD recommends The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul
2:51:01Blog post “why does the West hate Putin? the secret reason” on NATO attack on Syria foiled by Putin