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715 Tom Tatoe (2015-04-23)

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0:00:00ACC: “You wrote it down and you didn’t catch yourself?” (0:13:28)
0:00:33Cities converting traffic lanes to bike lanes, US bell-less bicycles; ACC’s “douchebag beard”, CVC: “beards are push-up bras for men”, Movember; ACC’s Nokia E71 lost at Yellow Rose, text messaging No Agenda style, Hillary phone photo; Newsletter “whatever the case”
0:13:29New moral self-licensing challenge: eating limes for Lyme disease, JCD: “we’ll know it caught on if Leo does it”; Leo’s TWiT “yeah no” gripe, ACC won the New Screen Savers bet
0:17:21Six Minnesota idiots arrested for trying to join “the Islamic State Group”; Bill Clinton: “ISIS is a terrorist organization, an NGO” (CotD)
0:22:41Jeh Johnson at RSA Conference: “cyber-security must be a partnership between government and those of you in the private sector”, National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center, the “NCCIC floor”, “capability to automate publication of cyber-threat indicators in a machine readable format”, ACC: “they’ve made an RSS feed!”
0:40:34Revolving-door US Digital Service, immunity to “civil and criminal liability” for information sharing; private Information Sharing and Analysis Organizations; Secret Service investigates cybercrime, Vladimir Drinkman, Coast Guard, “I’m determined to root out any turf battles”, “I have an ask” on encryption; State Department’s Heather Higginbottom: “we are attacked every day, thousands of times a day”
0:57:52Producer Segment
1:14:54Crackpot Jade Helm Walmart closing theories; insider: fiber & network plumbing, remodel
1:21:30EU accuses Gazprom of price gouging, NPR cuts out discussion of alternative Yamal-Europe Pipeline; terrorist attack thwarted in Paris, “fighting off the virus of Islamic violent extremism”
1:28:25Ohio “hero cop” hailed for not shooting murder suspect on body-cam, Taser poised to profit
1:34:31Michelle Obama unable to answer how long she’s been married
1:35:35Students in Ohio passing test with subpar reading proficiency, 96% pass rate; Pearson STAR test “glitch” in Texas, Los Angeles cancels $1.3bn Pearson/iPad curriculum
1:42:14Nurse Tracy reports ICD-10 M23.90 including “locked knee”
1:43:20Radioactive drone found on Japanese Prime Minister’s office roof; South Korean OPCON handoff delayed until 2020; Japanese missile launch
1:47:36CNBC bullish on oil: “I think we see sixty dollars before we see fifty dollars again”
1:48:55Louisiana House Bill 195 prohibiting cash transactions for secondhand goods; J.P. Morgan prohibits cash in safe deposit boxes
1:54:32Walmart “empty shelves” YouTube clip, police around “perimeter”
1:58:04Lynch confirmed after Obama “enough”; Samantha Power in 2008: Obama a “true friend of the Armenian people”
2:02:01Snoring man stabbed with pen in “air rage” incident
2:07:21Yanis Varoufakis: no expulsion from EU for Greece; Greek An Honest Liar documentarian: we want the drachma back, interview for MTV documentary; ACC’s P.O. Box bonanza
2:16:19Donation Segment: posthumous Damehood for Crash Helmet Kathy
2:28:56Morsi sentenced to 20 years; “Mediterranean migrant” vs refugee meme
2:33:45Earth Day “calling all humans” message
2:36:33FBI lab hair analysis, Innocence Project, potential Obama pardon bonanza or anti death penalty move, no manslaughter charges; Freddie Gray death, $5M compensation fund
2:44:33The tomtato: a tomato/potato graft