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714 Gay Siri (2015-04-19)

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0:00:00JCD: “Yeah, Austin seems like a stretch.”
0:00:33714 Jack Webb’s badge number; Chicago’s $5M settlement for Laquon McDonald’s family, $5.5M reparation fund for suspects tortured under Jon Burge; demonstrations over Armenian genocide centennial, Obama can’t acknowledge because of Turkish pipeline
0:06:43JCD on Haitian Über segment: bogus zanmann almond
0:08:48ACC lost in Vegas demolition zone, nearly missed flight; Bandana Ball rehearsal hail storm
0:13:25New Star Wars trailer a nice distraction from WikiLeaks Sony e-mail repository, cozy Jarrett/Linton messages, RAND Corporation Politics Aside convention, Linton “opportunity for you” to Carney, military sexual assault PSA celebrity recruiting, Jarrett on Finding Your Roots, Democracy Now backgrounder, 100 government e-mail addresses in archive; MPAA and Nesbitt & Whitaker
0:27:13NBC’s Richard Engel busted for fake 2012 kidnapping supposedly by Assad’s Shabiha militia, role of Free Syrian Army revealed; “Angry Arab” As’ad AbuKhalil: “I was skeptical about the entire enterprise of Western journalistic coverage of Syria”, FSA “criminal gangs and thugs”, “war lobby” for American involvement, Engel’s propaganda video in front of fresh-painted wall with green spray paint, shabiha colloquialism for “thug”; Engel’s award list
0:40:43McCain “do you agree” question on North Korean mobile warhead system, “unpredictability of this overweight young man in North Korea”
0:47:10Earth Day coming up Wednesday; Austin to regulate smoke from food trucks; Bill Maher: global cooling in “one article in Newsweek”, the “Dewey Defeats Truman of science”; Pope to issue encyclical, to meet Ban “insurance for the planet” Ki-moon; Obama Earth Day podcast
1:02:33Producer Segment: how to become a Black Knight; $222.22 “row of ducks”
1:28:45Homophobic Siri in Russia
1:32:43Über spies when boot-shopping: Southern Nigeria has the oil, Christian minority, President-elect Buhari from the North; migrants throwing Christians overboard
1:41:28Minimum wage protests at 157 Central Park West; Walmart closings over plumbing issues, Jade Helm 2015 DHS tunnels theory, unionization theory, privatization theory, JCD minimum wage inflation theory: $15 per hour “a steal”, comparison with car prices
1:52:04Outernet project propaganda outlet for Soros’ Open Society Institute
1:55:07O-bots on Harry Reid beaten up by mob, Ted Cruz supposedly pushing religion; Bill Clinton’s impending martyrdom, Warren may jump in if “drafted”, Harvey Keitel: “she deserves the job if she wants it”, America Rising Hillary hit piece; JCD: Scott Walker will win in 2020
2:08:50Donation Segment: ACC’s NASCAR experience, limoncello gifts
2:22:46Homeschooling demographics; JMD’s job grinding up rabbits; Detroit homeschooling double murder an excuse for more intrusion; Long Island superintendent on supporting Common Core opt-out: “legally I can’t”
2:31:20Über spies part deux: Jordanian driver, Iran “the worst of the worst”, explanation of Sunni vs Shia, Israeli brainwashing, prophesied Middle East war with Russia; JCD on the origin of Muhammad Ali’s name
2:40:02Former IMF head Rodrigo Rato arrested for money laundering; Greece joining AIIB rumor
2:42:49Autogyro pilot alerted Tampa Bay Times about plan; Capitol “tax the 1%” suicide
2:45:00Hillary’s changing position on gay marriage