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713 New Mediocre (2015-04-16)

Show 713 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Nothin’ says I’m Muslim like runnin’ around naked.” (1:47:19)
0:00:32ACC at Foley suite in Las Vegas; no Podcast Award; PodcastOne, no Nielsen equivalent, Leo Laporte the “fantastic pitch man”; Jennifer Briney in Japanese schoolgirl uniform; NAB Show, how to wear a Countryman microphone, intermittent patchouli odor, badge-scanning booth babes, ACC: “nein! nicht scannen!”, parking tips, giant quadcopters; Capo’s Speakeasy
0:24:07Luggage thieves caught on camera, TSA theft and groping firings, ACC: “they need to go to jail”; White House “broom stick” autogyro landing, idiotic MSNBC coverage; CNN on aircraft hacking “alarming government watchdog report”, “all you would need … is a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection” based on a single paragraph, “they are more connected to the network”, “it’s like a flying router”; inter-aircraft communication via ADSB, Internet Protocol, not internet
0:44:04ACC on computers flying planes: “people will die”; socialist robot utopia; Global Conference on Cyberspace 2015 in The Hague, “innovation room”; Ted Kaczynski on human need for challenge, Idiocracy societal meltdown scene
0:55:46Producer Segment
1:04:46New execution show: Dead, based on acceptability of televising police shootings, celebrity firing squads, ACC: “it might be funny to have a super gay guy to host the show”
1:12:49Ted Cruz on Constitution’s notion of preexisting rights; Megyn Kelly and gun banner’s talking points, Kelly: “and yet, guns are a lot like lawyers: you don’t want one around until you need one”, “I’m not breaking onto your house”, JCD: “it’s the whole point!”; Operation Chokepoint apparently still leaning on gun shops, Sir Chris’ letter on opposition to AB-66 body cameras which “would require officers to read Miranda rights to victims”
1:27:01Wasserman Schultz on Rand Paul’s abortion position: “would Rand Paul let a woman die?”
1:30:27Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank; Lagarde: “what we risk is the new mediocre to become reality”, ECB’s negative interest rate impact on mortgage principal; FEMEN “end the ECB dictatorship” protester
1:38:21Paid internet propaganda trolls in Russia, JCD on Microsoft “munchkins” trolling OS/2, Ballmer crash disk, Hillary’s techno-experts
1:44:42Six-Week Cycle: Sheriff Gary Painter on ISIS in Mexico: “people … have found Muslim clothing, they have found Koran books”, Show 650 clip with same script; CyberCaliphate’s posting of law enforcement names and addresses by “right wing sympathizer”; Germany’s proposed ten-week data retention policy, “terrorism and organized crime”; Facebook chat spying by CIA-backed In-Q-Tel funded Recorded Future
1:59:50Google accused by EU of monopolistic practices
2:01:40Donation Segment: new Isaac Pigott “shocked, shocked” $256 promo
2:09:00Maryland “free range” children taken into custody, “safety plan”, ACC’s mother’s slide whistle, JCD’s bicycling adventures
2:14:23Walmart closings for “plumbing repairs”
2:16:07Iranian nuclear deal falling apart, Rouhani “deals with world leaders, not lawmakers”
2:18:15Rachel Maddow: “privatizing the VA … is a sleeper issue for the 2016 campaign”, head of VA torpedoes the theory; producer ICD-10 feedback