Call Clooney!

712 Kalette (2015-04-12)

Show 712 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Well this is an outrage, we have a master bomb maker on the loose.” (2:34:06)
0:00:34ACC heading to Las Vegas for Podcast Awards and NAB Convention
0:02:18Podcasting patent invalidated, “unpatentable”; Personal Audio related episodes screw-up; EFF’s lawyers from Greenberg Traurig
0:14:17Harf on program to fly in children of “legally present” parents, “the price tag? I don’t know”
0:16:25Obama on climate as “primary security threat” according to Pentagon; new Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on insect-borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya, JCD: “he’s mixing up his diseases with his Indian food”; Obama’s daughter’s asthma: climate or second hand smoke?
0:20:53Response to Show 711 vocal fry segment, “sexism”, perception of creakers as “knowledgable and educated”, lowering of voice pitch; Nilai Patel checks in with The Rack on Apple Watch, JCD: “you’ve captured fry plus uptalk”; producer on vocal fry damage
0:29:39Veterans’ treatment delays worse than ever
0:31:24Kerry certifies Haiti’s elections steps; Über spies: Haitian driver on Clinton gold mines, 160k still in tents, oil and sulfur, earthquake “could have been manifested”, Sean Penn a “good guy”, “Haitians do not want to unite for greater good of their country”, “the government here and there will wipe that 10% out”, Bush 41 Haitian currency wipe-out, new “cockroach” Pras, Young Haitian Entrepreneurs, Pfizer steps in on anti-hypertension tropical almond “zanmann”; ACC sideswiped on return trip, JCD “now we’re even” cab accident story
0:56:37Producer Segment: ACC’s new Spotlight jingle search; new backup recording device
1:17:19Hillary clip medley; stealing White House furniture; “declaring as we speak” on social media; Rand Paul not naming neocons he opposes: “I don’t want to make this about personalities”, Megyn Kelly “irregardless”; Biden “filling in” for Obama in podcast; Hannity on Hillary’s temper, lesbian subtext, “why take a chance” on Hannity
1:37:43Craig James caller on Pentagon gay bomb; Tranny Lucille to ACC: you’re a republican, BtGC response: ACC is an ally
1:42:21Six-Week Cycle: John T. Booker Jr. plot, “mentally ill”, 2014 voluntary commitment, FBI interview, JCD on “super salesmen”, “vehicle-borne” VBIED; Alexander E. Blair “misprision of a felony”; JCD on impossibility of staying within the law in Russia with luggage cart
1:57:21ICD-10 feedback; V97.33XD “sucked into jet engine subsequent encounter”, W61.62XA “struck by a duck”; Dude Named Ben on ICD search engine; ACC vs JCD debate on reimbursement
2:12:45CSI: Cyber bomber: “people have to know that we are a society addicted to technology”
2:15:15Donation Segment
2:21:43Theory for Comey’s Six-Week Cycle event clusters: more, smaller events for home-grown terror budget and cyber operations; NBC homegrown terror arrest rundown, Keonna Thomas allowed to wear niqāb in court; CIA “operative” Bob Baer on Tsarnaev’s bomb mods: “these two knuckleheads didn’t do this on their own”, Tapper: “re-jiggering, rewiring”
2:36:16MSNBC’s “thirty-second briefing” on ISIS
2:37:58Modi-Hollande Mirage deal; A-10 Warthog vs Scorpion “barbie plane”, titanium “bathtub” for crew; James Post III fired for treason threat; JTAC guy: 30mm gatling gun “the sound of don’t mess with me”, A-10 sound clips; PBS: “could you fart your way through space?”
2:51:38Tech news: Amazon same-day delivery in Austin; KRON Apple watch “new best friend” story; fanboys on Apple’s new “line minimization”
2:58:46Kale + brussels sprouts = kalette; Here and Now: kids “hooked on kale”