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711 Facebook Thuggin’ (2015-04-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “Everything would not even be an issue if we’d all go vegan.” (0:51:52)
0:00:34D.C. power outage; Android/iOS app “maintenance”; Amazon Pot Shards Ranch Hand recommendation; Über-Starwood deal; Austin’s Yellow Rose, ACC’s neighbor Stephanie Colorado
0:10:33Alcoholism in DSM-5, “drug craving”, “behavioral addictions”, JCD: “does it include visiting The Yellow Rose three times a week?”, social media & caffeine; WHO’s ICD-10 68k billing codes, October 2015 deadline, small practice nightmare, “contact with knife, sword, or dagger”
0:22:56Russian State Department “hackers”; Michael Flynn: “very high” chance of Clinton hack
0:29:56Vocal fry: Jill Abramson, Faith Salie: “America’s young women are running out of oxygen”, upward mobility signal, Abramson: “digital worrrk” ejective “k”, looped “frontrunnerrr”
0:38:53California water usage EO B-29-15, $500-per-day fines, lawn replacement, “fee structures”, Water Energy Technology “WET”, eminent domain; Obama: “the number of climate deniers is shrinking rapidly”, asthma; Christiana Figueres: “exceeding the planetary carrying capacity”, “by curtailing population, then we have solved the problem”; Cowspiracy 660-gallon burger
0:56:10Producer Segment: “yeah no” contranym; IFTTT bat signal recipe
1:11:18Wonder Showzen: “I think the CIA is controlling my thoughts”, “Uh, no we’re not”; Snowden statue in New York City park; John Oliver interview, Snowden sounding like PR guy, man on the street “no idea who Edward Snowden is”, “yes, I miss Hot Pockets very much”, truck nuts
1:21:06Josh Earnest on Corker bill requiring Iran to renounce terrorism “unrealistic suggestion”
1:24:28Walter Scott shooting: police chief on dash cam footage to come; European Convention on Human Rights OKs deprivation of life “in order to effect a lawful arrest or to prevent the escape of a person lawfully detained”; Sharpton pushing Federal police laws, 10th Amendment a clarification; James Clyburn blames ALEC “vigilante” stand your ground laws
1:32:53British media all-in on “too close to call” elections; applause sound effect for UKIP; former Google exec and former Michelle Obama aide Christina Shockey hired by Clinton campaign
1:38:37Net neutrality: vulgarity on amateur radio; Kristin Holmes arrested for “Facebook thuggin’”
1:44:16Obama the weapon sales champion: Bush down $30bn, “spinning out of control now”; former CIA director Woolsey in 2006: “we are going to win because we are on the side of those whom these regimes most fear: their own people”; Lockheed Martin’s female CEO; NORAD’s Admiral Gortney “the person that owns the trigger” on missile defense “advanced kill vehicle”
1:57:5960 Minutes Jeh Johnson interview, Stahl: “how serious is this threat, is it hair on fire?”, “reading the web and being radicalized”; background justifying droning al-Awlaki and son, “it was actually easier to say yes than it was to say no”, Win Lose or Drone; al-Shabaab jingle
2:12:41Donation Segment: No Agenda tip: how to avoid corkage fees
2:24:10Common Core: testing coordinator’s P.A. announcement, “15,000 steps”
2:26:35Russian loans, gas discounts, import ban exemption for Greece; WWII €278.7bn reparation demand vs €240bn in bailouts; massive London bank heist; global oil chokepoint list
2:36:44Tsarnaev guilty of all charges; Judge Napolitano on Judy Clarke’s sloppy defense; Putin-hater Masha Gessen on Fresh Air, on definition of “self-radicalized”: “nobody knows” (CotD); Anarchist’s Cookbook given to New York women by FBI, pressure cooker joke
2:47:06Tech news: good, bad, “don’t roll your own crypto”
2:49:11Alan Dershowitz on Pedobear accusation: “affidavit categorically denying the truth”
2:53:12Chicago Med hand grenade wielding terrorist, “you thought ebola was a nightmare”
2:54:23Foundation for a Secure and Prosperous America ad: “Rand Paul is dangerous”