Call Clooney!

710 Joy Brigade (2015-04-05)

Show 710 album art
0:00:00JCD: “That’s the kind of idiot she was.” (1:38:15)
0:00:32ACC & CVC at Stevie Wonder concert, harpejji; American Über drivers, Über spies jingle
0:05:03“Happy birthday to all ships at sea”, Mimi the “gift Nazi”, Christmas stocking mandarin orange tradition; Steve Wonder “admits” he’s not blind; JCD’s Biz cleaning tips
0:11:40Obama on Iran “framework”, “a” vs “an historic”, “no greater responsibility than the security of the American people”; Harry Reid beaten up by alcoholic brother; Obama’s three options for Iran, “the second option is we can bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities”, 2016 election connection, following through on campaign promise, “international unity will collapse” in cace of failure, “our tireless, and I mean tireless, Secretary of State John Kerry”
0:26:17Netanyahu quotes unnamed Iranian general: “Israel’s destruction is non-negotiable”, “bad deal”; Cotton: “the terms … are not as bad as I had feared, they are worse”, dodging religious freedom law question: “in Iran they hang you for the crime of being gay”; Brooks: “Barack Obama will go down in history and he’ll earn the Nobel Prize he got, whenever he got it”; Iranian diplomat on US as source of instability; oil down, Dow up, food prices down
0:46:15Producer Segment: JCD on 7/10 bowling split; Telegram Messenger app
1:04:39Producer note: “off-OPEC is just another name for oil bunkering”, militants protecting supply Navy’s supply; OPEC member rundown, you don’t use your own oil or cocaine
1:10:49No Agenda detractors on Twitter & Reddit, “citric acid is vitamin C”, Show 709 topic rundown
1:15:03CNN on Kim Jong-un reinstating female “joy brigade”;, Garry Kasparov on advisory council; JCD recommends The Loved One
1:24:30New York female “terrorists” possible Six-Week Cycle, “stockpiled some dangerous materials”, “several canisters of propane gas”, jihadis going to Syria skit; “was your wife a caring person or a terrorist?”, The Anarchist’s Cookbook, Feinstein: “these documents are not … protected by the First Amendment and should be removed from the internet”; Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch leading prosecution; JCD Feinstein story: chained file room door
1:38:45New Tsarnaev video: “the evidence you’ve never seen before”, Whole Foods plug, ACC: “that backpack is pretty flat to be containing a pressure cooker”
1:43:59Monica Lewinsky TED talk: “the click that reverberated around the world”; ACC’s No Agenda vs Dutch celebrity; “public shaming as a blood sport has to stop”, chatroom “jiggle the handle”
1:52:13Donation Segment
2:05:31CBS This Morning “your world in 90 111 seconds”; Nicki Minaj crying kid insta-puberty
2:10:47Trevor Noah to replace Jon Stewart; Don Lemon, “culture and race blogger” Wendy Todd, “I’d like a conscious person of color at the wheel” Washington Post op-ed, Jay Thomas: “that thing is evil, that Twitter thing”
2:20:091977 ABC video: “an ice age is returning to the earth with glaciers down to the Mason-Dixon line and freezing temperatures south of that”
2:22:40Douchebag call-out to Hershey over grey market British Cadbury products, JCD Löwenbräu story; Yorkie bar vs York peppermint patty
2:28:31Tech news: JCD’s unfiltered Gmail spam, “I didn’t sign up for Hebrew!”; Tesla’s April Fools’ “Model W” watch joke, stock price spike; EFF on DMCA protection for automotive computers; Amazon Echo easter egg list, ACC on stellar tech support, Prime Pantry; US Army report on trees as antennas, Alexander Stepanovich Popov as inventor of radio
2:45:07Islam poised to overtake Christianity around 2050